6 Winter Camping Survival Skills — Lessons from YouTube

When camp­ing in the win­ter, it’s good to know a few sur­vival tricks in case things take a turn for the worse. Here for you today, col­lect­ed from all cor­ners of the web-o-sphere, are six videos fea­tur­ing win­ter sur­vival tips and skills that may just save your life one day.

Build a Pine Tree Expo­sure Shel­ter
One of the biggest win­ter sur­vival hur­dles you’ll encounter is expo­sure. Get your­self com­fort­able after watch­ing this short video about how to make an emer­gency shelter.

Make Fire in Wet Con­di­tions
Snow + Fire = Pud­dle? Find out how to make a fire in any con­di­tion with this infor­ma­tive video.

Build a Sur­vival Snow Fort 
And you thought build­ing a snow fort was only for the kids. Watch this video and learn how to sur­vive in style.

Pro­cure Water From Snow, Col­lect Dry Wood in Wet Con­di­tions
Sure, you can just eat snow. But cold water enter­ing your body will leave you will way less ener­gy than if you can con­sume it in the liq­uid vari­ety. Watch this video and get some deli­cious water right from the source.

Cre­ate a Win­ter Sur­vival Kit for Your Car
Don’t leave home with­out it. Espe­cial­ly in the win­ter, hav­ing a trunk sur­vival kit has nev­er been so crit­i­cal to your safety.

Build a Fire Heat Reflec­tor Shel­ter 
Live like an out­doorsy boss this win­ter with a solar reflec­tor shel­ter. It just goes to show, with enough time and patience, any sur­vival shel­ter can be a world class accommodation.