7 Ways to Keep Your Running-Related New Year Resolutions

7-ways-to-keep-your-new-years-resolutionMost of us are great at coming up with a list of resolutions and are truly excited to get started on them first thing in the morning on January 1. However, most of us fall right back into our old patterns and completely abandon or forget about those resolutions by February each year. Especially when it comes to exercise. Good news for those who set a running-related New Year resolution though; we’ve compiled a list of ways to ensure you stick with your goal this year.

Buy Yourself Off
Go get yourself something nice; specifically, some high quality running gear. Get at least one high quality outfit, including a top, bottoms, socks, and shoes. Compression tights, a running skirt, a hot pink sports bra…whatever will make you feel fast. If you feel fast, you’re feeling good, and that’s the stuff that PRs are made of. Just get over the sticker shock, because the good stuff lasts years and more than pays for itself.

Sign Up For a Race
Even if your resolution is not to complete a specific race, having a set distance and end date to train for will only provide you with additional motivation. Plus, most races cost money, so you’ll create a financial investment and obligation to fulfill. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with acquiring an additional training shirt and finisher’s medal either.

Commit to a Group or Partner
Even those who are able to let themselves down on a regular basis have a much harder time letting their friends down. Use this guilt trap to your advantage. Committing to a regular running date and/or race with someone just may be the trick to get you out the door on days you would otherwise wuss out.

Take A ‘Before’ Picture
You know those ‘before and after’ pictures you’re always seeing of people who lost weight? It’s fun to see the difference, right? It’s just as satisfying to see the frown in their ‘before’ picture turn into a beaming, confident smile. So why don’t we take ‘before and after’ pictures more often in our life? Odds are, people will be able to see the shift–the pride and satisfaction–in your face after you accomplish your New Year resolution, whether you lost any weight or not. Even if they can’t, you will, and that’s what really matters. Knowing that you have a ‘before’ picture will hopefully excite and motivate you throughout the year to work hard and see a bigger difference in yourself when you finally get to take that ‘after’ photo.

Facebook it!
And tweet it, Instagram it, email it, shout it from the rooftops…whatever. Just share your resolution with as many people as possible. The more people who know what your goal is, the better chance someone will call you on it if you veer off track. It’s much easier to talk yourself into giving up when the only person who knows you failed is you. If hundreds of people are going to ask about it, you’ll far less likely to flake out.

Volunteer for Races
We have yet to attend a race where the positive energy and enthusiasm in the air isn’t palpable. The supportive camaraderie of runners at races is absolutely contagious and guaranteed to motivate and put you in the right mindset to attack your running goals, whatever they might be. Besides, everyone benefits from volunteer work–do your part!

Map it out
Not in the traditional sense that this phrase applies to running; rather, we’re talking about creating smaller, more frequent, goals that will lead you toward your resolution. Whether you set quarterly, monthly, weekly, or daily goals, you know yourself best and what it will take to keep you on track toward that resolution.

If you were brave enough to set a New Year resolution regarding your running, we wish you all the best, safe training, and major kudos when you finally accomplish your goal. This is your year!

By Audra Rundle