Eight Exercises to Prepare for Ski Season

The first day of ski sea­son is always full of thrills and excite­ment as you brush the cob­webs off of your equip­ment and hit the slopes. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, we all know the day after is plagued by sore mus­cles that you for­got you had. Those mus­cles sit dor­mant all sum­mer and scream in pain whether or not you start the sea­son with any fresh pow­der. So get your body in shape before putting on your boots. Don’t just wait until the last minute, or you’ll be sore before you even hit the slopes, pre­pare for ski sea­son with these eight exercises.

Jog­ging, cycling, and jump­ing rope are three very easy aer­o­bic exer­cis­es that can be done in the gym or out­side. Your car­dio­vas­cu­lar sys­tem needs to be pre­pared for endurance or you’ll end up so exhaust­ed that your ski­ing skills won’t mat­ter. Plus, most injuries hap­pen when you’re tired so this will help pre­vent an ear­ly end­ing to your season.

Walk for­ward with one foot as far as you can, and keep the toes of your oth­er foot remain attached to the ground. This improves strength and bal­ance, as well as gets some injury pre­vent­ing stretch­es into your legs.

Sit Ups
Do as many elab­o­rate forms of ab work­outs as you want, but at least hit the elbows-to-knees basics. You need those core mus­cles for all the lean­ing that you need for steering.

Get in a pushup posi­tion, but then rest on your elbows while clasp­ing your hands in front of your face. The aim is to hold your body as straight and flat as a plank for as long as you can. This helps give you an all-around core and back exer­cise to off­set the mus­cles get­ting built from your sit-ups.

Put a bar on your shoul­ders, keep your feet shoul­der width apart, and go as low as you can while keep­ing your eyes focused on the wall in front of you. It may burn now, but your thighs will fell that much bet­ter while you’re carv­ing some beau­ti­ful turns on a snowy day.

Start from a stand­ing posi­tion, then drop to the ground for a pushup. Next, use the upward momen­tum to get to your feet, and end with fol­low­ing through to a jump with your hands in the air. Repeat and remem­ber you’re doing it for the mountains.

Utkatasana (a.k.a. Chair Pose)Chair Pose
There are many yoga pos­es that can help you pre­pare before you get on the lifts, but the utkatasana is a per­fect one. Basi­cal­ly, you stand with your feet almost togeth­er, knees not quite at a 90-degree angle, and extend your hands in front of your face. Your body will remem­ber this one.

Lat­er­al Side Jumps
Draw a line on the floor, hold your body straight, jump side­ways over it, plant, and return to the first side. Repeat. This close­ly mim­ics ski­ing move­ments so it will pre­pare your mind as well as your body.