Beat the Bug Blues: Eight Tricks to Keep Insects at Bay

Sum­mer is here, bring­ing with it the joys of camp­ing, swim­ming, out­door bliss…and bugs. Mos­qui­toes, gnats, horse flies, no-see-’ems.…they make you want to gnash your teeth, pull out hair and punch some­thing close by. The usu­al sum­mer bug bat­tle is upon us folks so read these 8 vital tips for prime insect survival.


1) Cov­er Your Bod
Duh. But what if it’s 90 degrees out­side? Try clothes made to repel insects that con­tain a chem­i­cal insec­ti­cide called per­me­thrin. This cloth­ing will keep the bugs at bay for 2 weeks up to sev­er­al months- depend­ing on how often you wear and wash them. And remem­ber — light not dark. Mos­qui­tos love those dark colors.


2) Embrace Your Musk
Come on guys, you don’t need your fruity per­fume or vanil­la bean lotion out in the woods! If you do — shame on you, and moth­er nature will let you feel that shame by send­ing hordes of bugs from miles away direct­ly to your sweet smelling hair and skin. After all, flow­ers and fruit are a dai­ly sta­ple in many insect diets. Make sense?


3) Go Green
There are a few plants that you can pur­chase at your local nurs­ery that pro­duce oils that fend off fly­ing biters — a nice eco-friend­ly alter­na­tive. Cit­ronel­la plants, cat­nip, lemon or euca­lyp­tus are age-old reme­dies that smell yum­my. Bring a cit­ronel­la love fern to camp or keep one on your patio for a nice dec­o­ra­tive touch while fight­ing bug bites.


4) Burn Some Herb
Not the herb you’re think­ing of. Next time you’re cook­ing out or burn­ing a camp­fire, throw in some rose­mary or sage- the bug­gies can’t stand the smell.


5) Blood­suck­ers Hate Garlic
It works with vam­pires, so nat­u­ral­ly, it works with mos­qui­tos too. Eat your gar­lic! Your pores will emit a gar­licky scent that will make mos­qui­tos cringe. Not a big gar­lic eater? Mix some gar­lic and water in a spray bot­tle and spritz away for a cheap, home­made spray repellent.


6) The Almighty Bat
If you want to be a bug-repelling mas­ter, then you should catch/invest in a pet bat(s).  One bat will nosh on hun­dreds of bugs in a sin­gle night. Don’t pre­tend like you don’t want one.


7) Good Ol’ Chemicals
I know, I know… the chem­i­cals are quite con­tro­ver­sial, but there are some peo­ple who have that sweet blood type that mos­qui­toes live for. Speak­ing of which, have a friend that bugs lust over? Then tip num­ber eight is for you.



8) Use a Bud­dy as Bait
This one is just for fun, but seri­ous­ly- when I’m with my friends, they do not get bit because all of the mos­qui­toes are busy feed­ing off of me. Some­times you just got­ta take one for the team!