How to Plan a Surf Trip with a Non-Surfing Significant Other

How to Plan a Surf Trip with a Non-Surfing Significant OtherHere’s the sce­nario: you’re no longer a twen­ty-some­thing surf vagabond. You’re no longer liv­ing that par­tic­u­lar dream. You’ve got your­self a steady job and a steady babe. Liv­ing off rice and beans was great for a while but even­tu­al­ly you caved and got one of those dread­ed nine-to-fives that every­one kept talk­ing about. Life is dif­fer­ent, but it’s good. It’s fun to have food in your bel­ly and health insur­ance but now you only have one week a year to hop on a plane and get absolute­ly shacked out of your mind. And, if you plan on keep­ing that nice lit­tle rela­tion­ship of yours, you most def­i­nite­ly need to bring your girl­friend or boyfriend along. Here’s how to score waves on your vaca­tion and keep your rela­tion­ship intact.

Go Some­where You Will Both Enjoy
This is actu­al­ly the easy part. Observe: Hey babe, want to go to Hawaii? Cos­ta Rica? Aus­tralia? France? South Africa? Hon­est­ly, if you can’t fig­ure this part out, I can’t help you. In fact, thanks to books like Eat, Pray, Love, you may even be able to con­vince your part­ner that going to Bali was their idea.

Stay Some­where Nice
There is an abun­dance of superla­tive surf spots in dan­ger­ous third world loca­tions. Avoid them. Just because bed bugs, lumpy mat­tress­es, and machine guns don’t deter you from a per­fect right point­break does not mean it’s okay to drag your sig­nif­i­cant oth­er along. While the the fun parts of Mex­i­co, most of Cen­tral Amer­i­ca, and half of Sub-Saha­ran Africa just got crossed off, those trips are best reserved for the sin­gle and child­less. Spend the extra mon­ey, go some­where safe and beau­ti­ful, get a nice hotel or rental prop­er­ty and give your sig­nif­i­cant oth­er the trip they deserve. Remem­ber, nice places have dis­trac­tions like day spas and pool decks, and dis­trac­tions equal more surf time for you.

Do Things Togeth­er
You’re in a new coun­try! Explore! Go to a water­fall togeth­er. Ride hors­es around on the beach. Go scu­ba div­ing. Go to a muse­um. Eat the local food. Dance the local dance. You should be doing this stuff any­way, shar­ing it with the per­son you love will enhance the experience.

Surf Ear­ly, Sleep When Dead
In most places, the best surf con­di­tions occur ear­ly. Use this to your advan­tage. You can squeeze in a long ses­sion before break­fast and then have the whole day to do things togeth­er with your part­ner. If you spend all-day surf­ing you’re a jerk. If you surf ear­ly, every­one is happy.

Check the Fore­cast
Track the swell and know which days will be best. Plan one or two surf-days based on the swell and then plan one or two non-surf-days and do what­ev­er your boyfriend or girl­friend wants to do.

Nev­er Com­plain
There’s a good chance that at one point you’re going to be all dressed up, sip­ping a moji­to, watch­ing per­fect bar­rels reel down the point. Don’t com­plain that you’re miss­ing it. You’re not. If you fol­lowed the above advice you already scored in the morn­ing and you will catch the peak of the swell. Sun­burns and noo­dle arms are great and all, but this trip is about both of you.

Give Him or Her a Les­son
This is prac­ti­cal­ly a must. You can accom­plish so many things with this lit­tle ges­ture. First, teach­ing some­one to surf is insane­ly fun and excep­tion­al­ly grat­i­fy­ing. Sec­ond, if your girl­friend or boyfriend has a great time, not only will they have a bet­ter trip, but they will also have a bet­ter under­stand­ing of your love for surf­ing, which trans­lates into more water time for you. If they have a real­ly great time, they might keep surf­ing, and a few years down the line you may not have to plan a trip with a non-surf­ing part­ner. Go some­where warm, rent a big ol’ long­board, and share some stoke with the one you love.