Simple Surf Cross Training Strategies for Strength, Flexibility and Endurance

Surf Cross Training Strategies for Strength, Flexibility and EnduranceRemem­ber when you were twelve years old and you could jump in the water with­out stretch­ing, surf five hours with­out tir­ing, and wake up the next morn­ing with­out feel­ing sore? For many surfers, those days are long gone, and unless you’re for­tu­nate enough to live some­where with con­sis­tent year-round surf, stay­ing in good surf­ing shape can be a strug­gle. Surf shape means three things: strength, endurance, and flex­i­bil­i­ty. Incor­po­rat­ing the fol­low­ing sim­ple work­out strate­gies will help aver­age surfers stay in the water for years past their prime.

Exer­cise Balls
Exer­cise balls (or bal­ance balls) are an essen­tial tool in every surfer’s home gym. You don’t have to per­form Laird Hamil­ton bal­ance ball squats to make use of these sim­ple fit­ness machines. Exer­cise balls facil­i­tate a vari­ety of core, chest, and leg work­outs that are per­fect­ly suit­ed for surf­ing. Addi­tion­al­ly, all exer­cis­es per­formed on the ball require mus­cles to sta­bi­lize as the con­tract, which both improves strength train­ing effi­cien­cy, and improves over­all bal­ance. In terms of sim­ple strength and bal­ance train­ing, the inflat­able exer­cise ball is king.

Simple Surf Cross Training Strategies for Strength, Flexibility and EnduranceSwim­ming is the ulti­mate surf cross train­ing for strength and endurance. Swim­ming works the same mus­cles as pad­dling, so swim­ming cer­tain­ly keeps your shoul­ders in surf shape. Swim­ming also increas­es lung capac­i­ty and com­fort in the water. If pos­si­ble, incor­po­rate open water swims and light free­d­iv­ing into your nor­mal workout.

Yoga has tran­scend­ed trendi­ness and is now an accept­ed sta­ple of fit­ness. For surfers, yoga is a phe­nom­e­nal cross train­ing tool for sev­er­al rea­sons. First, yoga pro­motes core strength and mus­cle endurance. Sec­ond, yoga pos­es simul­ta­ne­ous­ly improve flex­i­bil­i­ty and bal­ance. Final­ly, yoga empha­sizes focus­ing on breath­ing and remain­ing calm, which are both essen­tial tools in prepar­ing for more seri­ous surf. Yoga may be the most com­plete surf cross train­ing tool avail­able, and a fit­ness rou­tine con­sist­ing sole­ly of swim­ming and yoga would be more than enough to pre­pare for the major­i­ty of surf­ing conditions.