7 Tips For Getting the Most Out of an Outdoor Festival

GoPro Games Tips (1)Twice a year thou­sands of ath­letes and out­door sports lovers trav­el to Vail Col­orado for the GoPro Moun­tain Games, a high qual­i­ty fes­ti­val of fringe ath­let­ic com­pe­ti­tion and an absolute­ly great par­ty. It’s the kind of event in which par­tic­i­pants can watch world-class bik­ers, kayak­ers and run­ners one minute and be neck-deep in a Mud Run or con­cert the next. Even slack­line pros com­pete in front of huge crowds in this swanky moun­tain town.

There are sev­er­al easy ways to max­i­mize the fun fac­tor of out­door sports fes­ti­vals like the GoPro Moun­tain Games. Here are six ideas gleaned from years of experience.

Out­door sports fes­ti­vals, and the GoPro Games in par­tic­u­lar, are designed with audi­ence par­tic­i­pa­tion in mind. “It’s designed to be an event you can try,” said Paul Abling, the senior mar­ket­ing and pub­lic rela­tions man­ag­er for the Vail Val­ley Foun­da­tion. “The best way for peo­ple to expand their expe­ri­ence is give it a try.”

Cheer on a friend
While par­tic­i­pat­ing is great, shar­ing a sport­ing event with a friend or col­league is a great way to pass a week­end. Many of the events in the GoPro Games are slight­ly com­pli­cat­ed and com­peti­tors love a friend at the start­ing line to watch over warm-ups and offer a word of kind encour­age­ment before the start­ing gun goes off.GoPro Games Tips (2)

Vist onsite vendors
Out­door sports fes­ti­vals thrive on spon­sors who cre­ate a buzzing vil­lage of prod­uct demon­stra­tions and pro­mo­tions. But the big bonus here is the free­bies! Many booths hand out great prod­uct sam­ples and demos. “Talk to a lot of booths and take advan­tage of demo oppor­tu­ni­ties,” Abling said.

Try some­thing new
So you’re a run­ner? Try a kayak race. This is the per­fect chance to switch up your game and try a sport you’ve nev­er expe­ri­enced. “Don’t be afraid of the course or experts,” Abling said. “If you’re curi­ous about an event, def­i­nite­ly give it a try, that’s what it’s all about.”

GoPro Games TipsGet Paid to Be There
All those booths, demos and dis­plays require employ­ees. What bet­ter way to spend a week­end than staffing a booth at what is effec­tive­ly a big par­ty with lots of cool atten­dees? Look for short term event help on Craiglist a few weeks before an event as many com­pa­nies look for short event staff locally.

Have a flex­i­ble plan
The GoPro Games are huge and a lit­tle sprawl­ing. Plan out your day to hit events that tick­le your spec­ta­tor heart but leave plen­ty of room for unex­pect­ed expe­ri­ences. You nev­er know when you’ll turn a cor­ner and come face to face with a free zipline!

Don’t for­get the music
After the sun sets the sports move over for some awe­some bands. Don’t be sur­prised if that band name you don’t rec­og­nize blows up a few weeks lat­er. You can say you knew them when.