Commuting to Work: Six Tips to Get You Started

City BikerYou’ve got bike com­mut­ing on the brain and you’re ready to com­mit to a life on the road. Here are six tips to get you started.

Get a Game Plan

You want to make your trans­porta­tion is as stress-free as pos­si­ble, so do your home­work.  Plan your sched­ule and map out how long it takes to ride to work and back and to oth­er loca­tions you fre­quent dur­ing the week. Pack the night before and make sure your bike is in tip­top con­di­tion. As you start com­mut­ing, you’ll learn to tweak your rou­tine till it’s just right.

Your Bike is Your Buddy
You two will be spend­ing a lot of time togeth­er so you bet­ter choose the right fit- prefer­ably one that is effi­cient, fast and ready for the ele­ments. A road bike is a light and quick choice- talk to your local bike deal­er for recommendations.

Check it out
Every week­end take some alone time with your baby to make sure there will be no dis­as­trous sur­pris­es the fol­low­ing week.cycling-repair-kit

  • Tire pres­sure
  • Tire wear
  • Brakes
  • Chain for rust, stiffness
  • Tight­ness of quick release
  • Clean the bike regularly

Prepa­ra­tion is Key
You nev­er know when a tire is going to blow, so make sure to invest in some tools and a sad­dle bag to keep with you on the road at all times- you will be hap­py you did. Lights are cru­cial for night rid­ing as well.

One Word: Hygiene
Don’t get pegged as the stinky kid at the office. If you are com­mut­ing to work via bike or any­where for that mat­ter, get a rou­tine going to stay so fresh and so clean. Check out your local drug store for mini-deodor­ants, wipes, soaps, wipes, shampoo/conditioner…did I men­tion wipes? Leave them at the office in your desk with work clothes so you don’t have to car­ry extra bulk when you roll out.

Don’t Be a Wet Blanket
Don’t let sog­gy con­di­tions deter your dai­ly com­mute! There are plen­ty of options that allow bik­ers to ped­dle on- even in mis­er­able down­pours. Clear or yel­low-lensed glass­es are a must. Opt for a water­proof vest or jack­et with a dropped skirt in the back and keep feet warm with neo­prene booties.