5 Ways to Store Your SUP

SUP Newbie Chronicles- 5 Ways to Store Your BoardYour stand-up paddle board is built to withstand the rigors of paddling in the heat of a bright summer day and in the midst of rough waters. What it’s not made for is being stored during the off season in anything even closely resembling those conditions. Whether you live in a temperate, tropical or polar climate, you’ve got to store your board properly to ensure that it stays in tip-top condition. In order to do so, you’ll want to keep your board out of direct sunlight, away from water and out of the way. Here are some tips and recommendations for storing your board so it’s good to go for years to come.

If you have a garage or storage unit
If you’ve already got a roof under which your stand-up paddle board can rest, use it! Simply invest in an insulated board bag, remove the fin from your fully-dried board and ensure that it’s secured in such a way that it won’t fall down and get dinged. The most important rule for storing your SUP is to keep it away from heat, wind and water.

If you love the way your board looks
So you think your board’s the prettiest thing on the block; store it in your home. Really, if you’ve got the space in your house or apartment, this is the ideal spot to store it because the temperature is regulated. Some companies make display racks for SUP boards, many of which are beautiful in their own right. Invest in a wood or metal display rack and place your SUP in a location that makes sense, like an already-ocean-themed guest room.

If you want easy storage and accessibility
If you want easy storage and accessibilityWhether you’re storing one or multiple boards, a ceiling rack will provide good cover. It’ll also get your board up and out of the way, with easy access if you’ll be storing it there full time. A ceiling-mounted rack can be placed outside if you’ve got your board covered with a bag or sock, to keep it out of the elements. I use a ceiling rack attached to the carport next to my house. This makes it exceptionally easy to move the SUP from its ceiling rack to the rack of my car when I want to take it out.

If you prefer to strap your SUP up
If you don’t like the look or idea of mounting a rack, you might prefer the strap storage method for keeping your SUP safe and sound. This is a less common method of storage, so options are more limited. However, if you type “SUP strap storage” into Google, you’ll find a few good options for purchasing this method of storage for your beloved SUP. Most straps will be mounted to a wall or ceiling, and will hold your board out of the elements as well as any other method, with a distinct look.

If you do anything, don’t do this
You may feel tempted to store your board in the plastic bubble wrap it came in since it’s there, it’s protective and it’s free. Don’t do it! Bubble wrap is often made of polyurethane resin and has a tendency to stick to surfaces (like an epoxy board) if stuck for a long time. Maybe you don’t use your board for a summer or you get injured – who knows. Especially if your board will see sunlight. Perhaps the most well-stated reason is this: “The bubbles are like miniature magnifying glasses, focusing the heat on your board.”