The Surfer’s Beach Workout

Beach Workout

Get ready to dig your feet in the sand and break a sweat with this surfer’s beach work­out. Surf­ing is a mul­ti-direc­tion­al, intense sport that requires strength, sta­mi­na, sta­bil­i­ty, and flex­i­bil­i­ty. Get pow­er­ful and gain vital strength with this high inten­si­ty cir­cuit. If you’re ready to train for your surf­ing vaca­tion or com­pe­ti­tion, add these moves to your exer­cise rou­tine. Com­plete two sets of each exer­cise for 30 sec­onds with 15 sec­onds of rest between.

Bot­tom Lunge to Surfers Squat
This posi­tion strength­ens the legs and imple­ments pow­er into the low­er-body and abdominals.
Start on your shins, toes on the floor, and step your right for­ward. Lunge the body upward and simul­ta­ne­ous­ly rotate the body to the left into a surf­ing squat posi­tion. The lunge up to squat should be a pow­er­ful rota­tion. Con­tin­ue to alter­nate legs.

Plank Ups
This pose strength­ens the upper-body while main­tain­ing core sta­bil­i­ty to increase mus­cu­lar strength.
Sit­u­ate your body into a plank posi­tion on the fore­arms. Keep the feet shoul­der width apart and core engaged. Lift your body onto the hands and then low­er back onto the fore­arms. Con­tin­ue to repeat the motion.

Touch Squats
This exer­cise strength­ens the low­er with a deep squat while increas­ing upper-body mobility.
Place feet shoul­der width apart with arms over­head. As you low­er the hips place the left hand down to touch the floor while the chest rotates toward the right inner thigh. Return to cen­ter and con­tin­ue to alter­nate arms.

Side Lunge with Tor­so Rotation
Side lunges increas­es leg and inner thigh strength while train­ing the core in a ver­ti­cal, upright position.
Stand with feet togeth­er and step your right leg to the side, bend the right knee for­ward, as you rotate your core toward your inner thigh. Step to cen­ter and alter­nate to the oppo­site side. To make this more chal­lenge hold a med­i­cine ball or dumbbell.

Rolling Fore­arm Plank
This exer­cise strength­ens core while rotat­ing the upper-body to devel­op strength and mobility.
Posi­tion the body into a plank with fore­arms touch­ing (elbow next to hand). Rotate to the right while “chop­ping” the elbow toward the ceil­ing. Return to cen­ter and repeat on the left side. Con­tin­ue to rotate right and left.

Tuck Jumps
Increase your car­dio­vas­cu­lar endurance and full-body strength with tuck jumps.
Posi­tion the body into a plank on the hands. Soft­ly bend the knees and hop the legs for­ward into a tuck posi­tion and jump back into a plank. Con­tin­ue to jump the legs back into a plank and into a tuck.