The Raddest, Sickest (and most seasonly appropriate) Skiing Playlist

pl1The Sit­u­a­tion
So, some gor­geous snow­bun­ny has piqued your inter­est at the moun­tain. You shared a few quips on the chair lift as you won­dered what she looked like beneath the neck buff and gog­gles. You admired her shred­ding skills on the hand­ful of runs you took togeth­er; maybe you’ve shared an Amber Ale at the Fog­gy Gog­gle or the Ninth Chair in the evening.

The Instruc­tions
Now is a crit­i­cal time — the moun­tain is crawl­ing with suit­ors just like you, and Spring is encroach­ing. So what is your next move? How can you demon­strate that you’re a hip, with it dude, far from the Coors-swig­ging, dull-wit­ted ski bums she’s used to? The answer: the super clever, expert­ly designed ski­ing playlist. Burn these songs, in this order, slide the cd into a fold­ed paper-bag hold­er (recy­cling!) decked out with an insta­gram-fil­tered pic­ture of snow (art!), then watch the mag­ic unfold.

The Music

1. White Win­ter Hym­nal, Fleet Foxes
Fleet Fox­es are ultra hip right now, and the song doesn’t make much sense, which makes you look cool and avant garde.


2. Snow, Red Hot Chili Pepper
Every playlist needs some Peppers


3. Snow­fall, Halo Benders
Still build­ing on the main theme here.


4. White Sky, Vam­pire Weekend
By now, she’s start­ing to catch on.…


5. Shiv­er, Coldplay
You’ll get some extra cred­it here for you knowl­edge of War­ren Miller soundtracks.


6. Col­orado Rocky Moun­tain High, John Denver
But only if you live in Colorado.



7. Choco­late, Snow Patrol
Or any­thing by Snow Patrol, but why not Choco­late? I bet she loves chocolate.


8. Baby It’s Cold Outside
Clas­sic romance. Just be care­ful not to down­load the Glee ver­sion. That would send a …mixed message…about you.


9. We Both Go Down Togeth­er, The Decemberists
With this num­ber, Col­in Meloy will bring a new lev­el of inten­si­ty to the mix, and poten­tial­ly to the rela­tion­ship on a whole. Plus, dou­ble win­ter points for the band name.


10. Vic­to­ry Lap, Macklemore
Today’s white-hot hip hop artist wants you to take one last run. You’d bet­ter lis­ten to him.


11. Falling Down the Moun­tain­side with You, David Gray
A slow and emo­tion­al­ly evoca­tive song, this should absolute­ly cap off the mix.  Lis­ten to this as you dri­ve home togeth­er after a long,satisfying day, mix with a flask or spiced rum and some heat­ed seats, and she’s yours.