Yoga for Cyclists

Yoga man

Cycling is a demand­ing sport that includes con­stant rep­e­ti­tion of the same plane of motion. The knee and hip move in what is known as the sagit­tal plane, which inte­grates con­sis­tent low­er extrem­i­ty flex­ion and exten­sion move­ments. With the upper-body hold­ing a “C‑Curve” spine, the body adapts to the soft cur­va­ture in the spine as well as the con­sis­tent rep­e­ti­tion, which may lead to tight mus­cles, overuse injuries or poor posture.

When on the road, or trail, be sure to exe­cute these yoga pos­es to increase flex­i­bil­i­ty, pro­mote strength and mobil­i­ty. These pos­es are ide­al for cyclists to length­en the chest, hips and fore­arm positions.

To per­form, com­plete each asana for 30 to sec­ond sec­onds, or three to five deep, yoga breaths. Com­plete each asana and repeat the five poses. 

downward_dogDown­ward Fac­ing Dog
This posi­tion is ide­al to length­en the front side of the tor­so and open the low­er back, hips and those pesky, tight ham­strings and calves.
How to Per­form: Start onto all fours, and walk the hands three inch­es in front of the shoul­ders. Slow­ly, curl the back toes under­neath and lift the hips into the air and relax the chest and heels.

 low lungeLow Lunge
This posi­tion opens the hip flex­or and quadri­ceps mus­cle while open­ing the chest.
How to Per­form:  Start onto the shins and bring your right foot for­ward. Slow­ly, walk the front foot three inch­es in front of the knee. Hinge and lunge for­ward into the front leg until you feel a stretch into the back leg. Raise arms over­head to open the chest. Repeat on the left leg.

This pose length­ens the back of the legs while open­ing the fore­arm exten­sor mus­cles, which is ide­al for the per­sis­tent use of the hands on the han­dles and break gear.
How to Per­form: Stand upright and place feet hip dis­tance apart. Exhale, roll the spine down, into a for­ward fold, and place the palm of the hands under the sole of the foot. To open the fore­arms deep­er, slight­ly shift the weight for­ward on the hands.

 side angleSide Angle Pose
This pose strength­ens the legs while open­ing the hip, oblique and lats mus­cle. 
How to Per­form: Stand with feet three to four feet apart. Turn your right toes for­ward and left heel slight­ly kicks out. Bend your right knee to 90 degrees, place right fore­arm on the thigh and reach your top arm over toward the sky. To deep­en the pose, reach your right hand toward the floor. Hold and switch to the oppo­site side.

This pose deeply opens the ham­strings, glutes and oppo­site leg’s quadri­ceps mus­cles.
How to Per­form: Start on the shins and bring your right foot for­ward. Walk your right foot three inch­es to the right. Slow­ly lunge for­ward while low­er­ing your upper body onto the fore­arms. To make it deep­er, curl the back toes under­neath and lift the back knee off the floor. Hold and switch to the oth­er leg.