Yoga for Snow Sports: Why You Should Start Stretching for the Pow Now 


Some­times we out­door war­riors go so hard that we for­get to actu­al­ly take care of and reju­ve­nate our bod­ies. Pound­ing pow­der in the win­ter with­out hav­ing prop­er­ly trained our mus­cles for it results in injuries and poor­er per­for­mance. How­ev­er, yoga is a won­der­ful­ly restora­tive exer­cise that can help you build lean mus­cle, stretch out your ten­dons, and ensure that your body is sup­ple for ski season. 

pyramid posePyra­mid Pose
Excel­lent for stretch­ing the ham­strings and shoul­ders, Pyra­mid Pose is sim­ple but extreme­ly effec­tive and can typ­i­cal­ly be attempt­ed by any­one, no mat­ter your lev­el of expo­sure to yoga, phys­i­cal fit­ness, or flex­i­bil­i­ty. As is the case with all pos­es in yoga, doing them cor­rect­ly is key. Have a friend prac­tice this pose with you or do it stand­ing in front of a mir­ror to ensure that you’re strik­ing the pose perfectly.

chairMoun­tain to Chair Pose
When train­ing for moun­tain sports, try adding Moun­tain Pose to Chair Pose. Stand­ing in an upright posi­tion, feet togeth­er with your big toes touch­ing and mak­ing sure that you are active­ly root­ing your feet to the ground (imag­ine the ground is con­stant­ly push­ing you up and you must light­ly but firm­ly push down through your feet to ensure that the ground doesn’t move), you then bend your knees and lift your arms as if you are sit­ting down in a chair. 

triangleTri­an­gle Pose
If you’ve attend­ed even a sin­gle yoga class, you’ve prob­a­bly done Tri­an­gle Pose. This posi­tion is excel­lent for stretch­ing your sides and ham­strings, and it tar­gets your groin area while open­ing your hips and shoul­ders. Because your low­er body and core are so impor­tant for ski­ing, this posi­tion is extreme­ly effec­tive with­out being difficult.

bridgeBridge Pose
There is sooooo much packed into this relax­ing pose. Not only does it stretch and open your shoul­ders, neck, and back but it also engages your hip flex­ors and thighs. For those of you with tight­ness in your back and shoul­ders, this pose will help alle­vi­ate pain and will build sup­ple strength.