Image cour­tesy of Out­side magazine 

There you are: strik­ing a yoga pose to cel­e­brate claw­ing your way to the rim of a smol­der­ing vol­cano. No, wait. There you are: stomp­ing 1,000 miles through an untamed, pesti­lence-filled jun­gle with noth­ing but a GoPro and a bag of cel­e­bra­to­ry Cheez Doo­dles. No, no, no. You’re over there: rid­ing a camel through red Moroc­can sands, your neon-and-plaid but­ton-up shirt wrapped around your head to com­bat the beat­ing sun as you fight off maraud­ers with a hik­ing pole.

The folks at Out­side mag­a­zine don’t care about how many places you see your­self in your wildest adven­ture dreams. They just want to cel­e­brate the 35th anniver­sary of the pub­li­ca­tion by help­ing you make one of those dreams come true.

Your new best friends and tar­gets for bribery at Out­side are cur­rent­ly seek­ing pro­pos­als for the mag­a­zine’s first annu­al Adven­ture Grant—a $10,000 kick in the pants that will get one lucky win­ner out the door and into the cra­zi­est adven­ture he or she has ever dreamt of tackling.

Think your dream adven­ture is awe­some and fool­hardy enough to catch the edi­tors’ atten­tion? Exam­ples of the kinds of auda­cious mis­sions they’re look­ing for—taken from Out­side stories—include sail­ing a home­made raft down the Hud­son Riv­er, walk­ing a per­fect­ly straight line across Canada’s Prince Edward Island, and pad­dling a canoe from Port­land, Ore­gon, to Port­land, Maine. So no, your dream of final­ly bicy­cling to the gro­cery store isn’t going to cut it.

Want to be con­sid­ered? Fill out this sub­mis­sion form by May 18. You will be asked to sub­mit a video clip and short (500-word) essay as part of the process, which means you might want to start look­ing for some suck­ers to film and write for you.

You’ve spent your whole life read­ing Out­side and dream­ing of adven­ture. Time is run­ning out to have those dreams come true at the expense of the folks who’ve been taunt­ing you.

Good luck!