Fjall­raven! If you could pro­nounce it, you’d be scream­ing it from the rooftops. And Alche­my Goods upcy­cled acces­sories from Seat­tle? Today’s event is just plain awe­some. What a way to start the week!

Here’s what we’ve got in store for you:

Cred­it: Fjallraven

Fjall­raven: Time for your first and only les­son in Pro­nounc­ing ‘Fjall­raven.’ Start by mak­ing an ‘F’ sound, like you’re about to say ‘France.’ Now drop the ‘rance’ and just hold the ‘F.’ Got it? ‘Fffffffff.’ Then tap your South­ern side and say, ‘Y’all.’ Are you fol­low­ing? Try it with us now. ‘F’Y’all.’ Then tap your inner Edgar Allan Poe and say, ‘Raven.’ Let’s try it togeth­er: F—Y’all—Raven. Fjall­raven. Con­grat­u­la­tions. Not only are you say­ing the name of one of the most well-regard­ed out­door brands in Europe, but you’re also speak­ing in a for­eign tongue. Fjall­raven is Swedish for ‘arc­tic fox.’ Apt­ly named, the com­pa­ny cre­ates sleek-look­ing tech­ni­cal out­door appar­el that’s tough enough for the moun­tains and tun­dra of north­ern Swe­den. We’re extreme­ly excit­ed to be offer­ing Men’s and Wom­en’s Fjall­raven appar­el for insid­er prices. Click through now to see why you should be too.

Alche­my Goods: While medieval alchemists sought to turn lead into gold, the folks at Seat­tle-based Alche­my Goods strive to turn seem­ing­ly use­less stuff like blown-out inner tubes, old seat­belts, and adver­tis­ing ban­ners into cool, unique-look­ing acces­sories like bags and wal­lets. Alche­my Goods is a great brand that upcy­cles waste mate­r­i­al instead of cre­at­ing more. Durable with inno­v­a­tive design unlike any­thing you’ve like­ly ever seen, these acces­sories are guar­an­teed to be con­ver­sa­tion starters. We’re excit­ed to have Alche­my Goods on the menu—especially at mem­ber-exclu­sive pricing.

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Foxy Brand: Did you know? Fjall­raven is Swedish for ‘arc­tic fox,’ an ani­mal whose fur changes col­or with the sea­sons and that has such incred­i­ble ears it can pre­cise­ly locate the posi­tion of prey under the snow. At the moment of attack, the arc­tic fox leaps into the air and punch­es through the snow to cap­ture its victim. 

Whether you’re hit­ting the trail, the beach, the streets, or cross­ing the globe, a reli­able bag is essen­tial. We know bet­ter than most that the gear you car­ry is of the high­est qual­i­ty, so why would you expect less from the bag you use to car­ry it?

You wouldn’t.

This week­end, stock up on the best bags for city trav­el, every­day trav­el, around-the-world adven­tures, and all excur­sions in between. Our Pack It Up event fea­tures Alche­my Goods, Chrome, DAKINE, OGIO, Eagle Creek, Moun­tain­smith and more.

Credit: (David Perez in NYC)

And our Into the Wild event offers men’s appar­el from Gram­ic­ci, Impe­r­i­al Motion, Loopt­works, Reef, Sport Sci­ence, Howler Broth­ers, Cloth­ing Arts, and Mis­sion Playground.

Cred­it: Looptworks

Yes, it’s Sat­ur­day, but you can still take advan­tage of our lim­it­ed-time $4.98 flat ship­ping OR add a The Clymb t‑shirt to your cart, and the entire order ships for free!

Con­grat­u­la­tions to our I Wish I Was There land­scape pho­to win­ner! This pho­to by Clement Lak­sana was award­ed $50 to The Clymb! Thanks to every­one who voted!

Man­a­do, North Sulawe­si, Indone­sia by Clement Laksana

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