Let’s face it: Ski­ing is dan­ger­ous. Even in-bounds at ski resorts you can break bones, drown in treewells, or get blind­sided by out-of-con­trol piz­za-pie fly­ing new­bies. But now we need to con­sid­er a new dan­ger, por­cu­pines, espe­cial­ly if you have a wood­en leg.

There’s no telling if this unfor­tu­nate ski­er at Alta Ski Resort has a wood­en leg, but this por­cu­pine is sure going after it.

You thought it was only beavers, but por­cu­pines are also vora­cious wood eaters. They par­tic­u­lar­ly love the soft bark of aspen trees.

Next time you’re on the slopes, be aware of your sur­round­ings. You nev­er know what kind of wildlife is lurk­ing in the for­est with its eye on you.

Here’s anoth­er unfor­tu­nate encounter.