“The Pacif­ic Crest Trail is not a triv­ial under­tak­ing. Walk­ing 2650 miles at 20+ miles per day for 148 days takes a toll on your body, espe­cial­ly when your body is 64 years old. When I set out on the PCT, I knew it would be tough, but I learned quick­ly that the first thing that will take most peo­ple off the trail ear­ly is feet problems.


I start­ed my hike in a pair of soft­er trail shoes think­ing the extra cush­ion would give me some pro­tec­tion from the rough and uneven trail tread. I quick­ly learned that the shape of the shoe and the lack of sta­bil­i­ty cre­at­ed more prob­lems that it solved. Bare­ly 100 miles into the hike I had ter­ri­ble blis­ters and had lost four toenails.


I quick­ly noticed that most of the expe­ri­enced through hik­ers were wear­ing the same unusu­al shoe, Altras. It was my first expo­sure to Altras, and I got a pair of Lone Peak 2.0. This was some­where around mile 300, and all my foot prob­lems instant­ly went away. The Zero Drop sole allowed my body to walk with a very nat­ur­al stride and the wide toe-box gave my feet plen­ty of room to spread out com­fort­ably which they will invari­ably do on a long hike. I found the cush­ion to be an ide­al  bal­ance between flex­i­bil­i­ty and sup­port, which kept my feet com­fort­able and mov­ing all day long. Most days I walked non­stop for 13 hours at a time.  The unique dou­ble mesh design on the uppers allowed the shoes to breathe so I did­n’t have prob­lems with sweaty feet caus­ing blis­ters. In addi­tion, they dried out quick­ly after it rained, which it did plen­ty of through Ore­gon and Wash­ing­ton. In total, I went through five pairs of Altras in the 2,300 miles that I wore them.  They got me through real­ly rough ter­rain, mud and snow and served me well in all con­di­tions. I can say with­out ques­tion that I don’t think I would have com­plet­ed this hike with­out my Altras” — Dean Paschall, Sun Val­ley, ID


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