It’s been a hec­tic week here at The Clymb. A lot of good, some not so good, but whole lot of hec­tic. We want­ed to take this oppor­tu­ni­ty to keep our mem­bers in the loop and answer a few ques­tions we’ve been get­ting via email, Twit­ter and Facebook.

We were super bummed to have to can­cel our Smith event at the last minute. A few small details were not resolved in time and we had to push it. Dis­ap­point­ed? Yeah, we feel you. Let’s just say that every­one in the office was look­ing for­ward to new pair of gog­gles! We hope to bring you a glitch-free Smith event some time in the future.

More events. If there is one thing we’ve heard over and over from our mem­bers, it’s that you’d like to see more brand events per week on The Clymb. Dur­ing our beta stage we felt we could offer the best ser­vice and prod­uct offer­ing by keep­ing it to one or two events per week. There have been some bumps for sure, but we’re 3 months in and start­ing to work through a lot of the kinks. Look for­ward to more reg­u­lar events from even more amaz­ing brands in the near future.

Ship­ping times. Some ship­ments have been slow­er than we would like. We’re work­ing on ways to improve this and it will get bet­ter. Our busi­ness mod­el though is very dif­fer­ent than most e‑commerce sites, which is why our prices are so low. Depend­ing on the arrange­ment with our brand part­ner, some deals will take longer to ship than oth­ers. In the short term, it’s not like­ly we’ll be able to do overnight ship­ping or even 3 day. Most mem­bers seem to feel like the trade­off is worth it for a killer deal, but know we’re work­ing hard to get your gear to you faster.

Sold Out. Often a style or a size will sell out very quick­ly on the site. Not to state the obvi­ous, but we put up some amaz­ing deals and, yes, they go quick. We try to score as much prod­uct as pos­si­ble for each event, but sold-out style/sizes are inevitable. The only fix we can offer is to login ear­ly and spend with reck­less aban­don. Just kid­ding. But seri­ous­ly, do.

Ladies vs Gen­tle­men. Some of our events have been one gen­der only. I promise we’re not try­ing to exclude any­one! Typ­i­cal­ly when that hap­pens, it’s because of prod­uct avail­abil­i­ty from our part­ner brand. As I men­tioned, we always try to secure as much gear as pos­si­ble, so long as it looks good and it works.

The Kids Are Alright. Rough­ly half of us at The Clymb have kids so hear you loud and clear when you say you want kids gear on The Clymb! It’s com­ing soon to stay tuned.

Whewww. That feels bet­ter. As always feel free to give us a shout. We want to know what you like and what you don’t, what gear you’d like to see, and where your next adven­ture is going to take you.

You can reach us by email:

Or, by phone: 1–877-464‑6936