“We need to con­tin­ue find­ing wild places in our­selves and in the envi­ron­ment around us.”
–Vidar Kristins­son, Cap­tain of Auro­ra

Since trav­el­ing to Green­land last year, we’ve been tak­en with the Arc­tic island’s rugged beau­ty and untapped adven­ture. While we took the easy route, fly­ing Air Green­land from Copen­hagen to the cap­i­tal of Nuuk, a small cohort of Arc’teryx climbers chose the path less trav­eled. Nav­i­gat­ing the East Coast’s fjord-stud­ded coast­line by sailboat–and dodg­ing float­ing ice­bergs, the crew char­tered their way from sea to sum­mit of the ragged, unnamed peaks com­pris­ing the Mythics Cirque.

This video is a reminder that this remote island is one of the last fron­tiers left to be tru­ly explored. Be among the first to go. Chart your own adven­ture by shop­ping our hand-picked Green­land trips.