We like a great deal as much as the next guy … who likes a great deal. I per­son­al­ly did a lit­tle dance when the run­ning shoes I ordered dur­ing the Vasque event arrived — it was­n’t grace­ful or par­tic­u­lar­ly pret­ty, but it was a hap­py dance all the same.

It was also cool when The Clym­b’s own Pais­ley shared this pho­to of her lit­tle cousin rock­ing a DAKINE pack in prepa­ra­tion for her first day of school:

How cute is that?!

There’s been a lot of great feed­back on our DAKINE back-to-school event and we’re hap­py to know so many of your lit­tle ones will be going back to school in style.

Thanks, guys! And thank you Pais­ley for shar­ing such a won­der­ful photo.

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School shop­ping is yet fur­ther proof that par­ents are required to have the patience of a saint. If you’ve ever had to do it, you know what I’m talk­ing about. Stores, anx­ious to make a sale, gath­er all of the required sup­plies in one area filled with bar­gain bins. Frus­trat­ed par­ents elbow past one anoth­er, try­ing to find every­thing on their mas­sive school-pro­vid­ed lists. Kids run through the aisles insist­ing they need every­thing they see.

“No, Bil­ly. You’re going to the sec­ond grade. I’m sure you don’t NEED a $120 sci­en­tif­ic cal­cu­la­tor, but, nice try.”

I once saw a fight break out over the last pair of Fiskar scis­sors. True story.

We’re hop­ing to alle­vi­ate some of this stress by offer­ing our mem­bers a sweet back-to-school sale on DAKINE back­packs. We’re talk­ing qual­i­ty packs at up to 60% off. You can’t beat that with a stick or a Fiskar scissor.

The sale begins today at 9am PST and ends on Thurs­day (8/19) at 9am PST. As usu­al, these sales are for mem­bers only. You won’t have access to the prod­ucts until you become a mem­ber, but since we’re all about mak­ing things easy for you, here are two ways to obtain a mem­ber­ship immediately:

  1. Twit­ter: Send us a tweet. Noth­ing too cre­ative required.. unless, you know, you want to write us a 140-char­ac­ter poem. We won’t say no to that. Just ask for an invite and we’ll tweet you one back. You don’t even have to say please.
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