We’re clos­ing out this week with two new arrivals to The Clymb. Both brands are avail­able to mem­bers only at exclu­sive pric­ing. Be sure to check the item prod­uct descrip­tions for valu­able infor­ma­tion includ­ing esti­mat­ed deliv­ery dates.

Kryp­tonite: Mak­er of numer­ous award-win­ning locks, Kryp­tonite has solid­i­fied itself as the fore­most expert in bike secu­ri­ty. Today, bike cable locks and lock­ing brack­ets for car racks are avail­able at exclu­sive mem­ber pric­ing. Give your­self peace of mind by keep­ing your prized pos­ses­sion safe. Shop now!

Skele­ton Optics: Men’s and wom­en’s sun­glass­es from Col­orado-based Skele­ton Optics. Test­ed in the high-coun­try, these impact-resis­tant lens­es enhance clar­i­ty and reduce glare through their Poly-Car­bonite lens­es. Shop the selec­tion here.

Cour­tesy of SkeletonOptics.com

We’re still offer­ing great events on Klint skis, Optic Nerve gog­gles, Shred Ready hel­mets, Matix men’s & wom­en’s appar­el, and Carve Designs. And adding a The Clymb tee qual­i­fies your order for free shipping.

Hap­py holidays!