Cyclocross sea­son is upon us! Check out this awe­some video of guys that are most cer­tain­ly more badass than you are. Watch as they huck their bikes and them­selves into swift-run­ning rivers, tum­ble down grassy slopes, and push to their phys­i­cal lim­its, all the while rac­ing on old school rigs that could­n’t weigh-in at less than 50 lbs. apiece. The com­men­tary is top-notch too, and as they heck­le and jeer the rac­ers on, you’ll be count­ing your lucky stars that your local week­end race pro­mot­er takes pity on you and does­n’t design cours­es near­ly as treach­er­ous as this one. 

Check out this sweet video of South African Nation­al Down­hill champ Tiaan Oden­daal giv­ing a sneak peak of the 2013 Elite Worlds Cham­pi­onships Down­hill track. He casu­al­ly gives beta for the course as he’s fly­ing at Mach speed, and even unex­pect­ed­ly jumps over a truck at minute mark 3:08.

On August 26 through Sep­tem­ber 1st, the best moun­tain bike rid­ers from all over the world will descend onto these spe­cial­ly built cours­es for the MTB World Cham­pi­onships and dawn the col­ors of their nation to com­pete in what is arguably the biggest cycling event of the year. And even though this is big news for moun­tain bik­ers, many pro­fes­sion­al rid­ers in Amer­i­ca sim­ply can­not afford to trav­el over­seas to rep­re­sent their coun­try due to state­side rac­ing restrictions. 

SHO-AIR Inter­na­tion­al, the trade show and event logis­tics coor­di­nat­ing com­pa­ny that is also a proud spon­sor of the Can­non­dale pro cycling team has pledged to donate $100 of assis­tance to each of the 35 cyclists select­ed by the USAC. In addi­tion, they’ve also cre­at­ed a grass­roots fundrais­ing cam­paign on This effort has gained trac­tion and raised more than $19,000 for these world-class ath­letes, help­ing to keep the dream alive. Inter­est­ed in find­ing out more? Click Here to learn more. 

Dan­ny Mac has done it again with the release of yet anoth­er amaz­ing edit that is sure to top the Inter­net video charts.  In this video Dan­ny turns a young boys imag­i­nary, action fig­ure bike park made of toys into real­i­ty. Watch Dan­ny ride this life size toy land on his trusty steed. Dan­ny MacAskill is tru­ly a real life action fig­ure that knows how to “play bikes”.

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Spot Brand: Focus­ing on qual­i­ty of design and engi­neer­ing, Spot Brand bikes strike a per­fect bal­ance between tech­nol­o­gy and time-test­ed designs. Take a look at their Coy­ote fixed gear bike fea­tured here.

Eurosock: The ski socks in this col­lec­tion com­bine a per­for­mance-dri­ven approach with a com­fort­able feel by blend­ing Old World Ital­ian crafts­man­ship with mod­ern syn­thet­ics to knock your old socks off.

Soleus: Besides a good stare down, run­ning is the sim­plest form of sport. Soleus believes in mak­ing watch­es just as sim­ple, with intu­itive fea­tures such as big dig­its and light­weight mate­ri­als. Shop the selec­tion here.

Sus­tainU: Made in the U.S. using 100% recy­cled mate­ri­als, Sus­tainU appar­el is more than styl­ish; it’s a state­ment. This exclu­sive col­lec­tion is a pre­view offer­ing of the pro­gres­sive brand’s upcom­ing spring line.

Hon­ey Stinger: You’ll do what it takes to win, except for suck­ing down some sports ener­gy goop that looks like machine grease. Good thing Hon­ey Stinger makes deli­cious, all-nat­ur­al pure ener­gy products.

Zoic: You love to ride but don’t want techy gear to define your style. That’s how ZOIC feels. They’ve devel­oped casu­al tech­ni­cal appar­el so you can look good how­ev­er you roll, on your bike or off.

Gift of Gear For Him: Whether he’s a back­pack­er, a fish­er­man, or a week­end war­rior, you can find the per­fect gear for the out­doors­man in your life here. Fea­tur­ing top brands like Wool­rich, SOG, Ross, and more.

Gifts For Her: They say the key to a woman’s heart is to show her you care and to keep her warm. Accom­plish both for your favorite out­door­swoman with these cozy slip­pers, scarves, down jack­ets, and more.

Gifts For Kids: Pre­pare your kids for a life out­doors by get­ting them out ear­ly and often. The boots, sleep­ing bags, and bug­gies in this col­lec­tion will help your lit­tle adven­tur­er stay com­fort­able and hap­py outdoors.

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Lib­er­ty Bot­tle­works: Lib­er­ty defines our Amer­i­can her­itage. They build their bot­tles in the Unit­ed States and employ indi­vid­ual artists to cre­ate unique designs. Join the tra­di­tion with an Amer­i­can orig­i­nal here. 

Lite­speed: Born from hum­ble begin­nings in 1986, Lite­speed crafts state-of-the-art tita­ni­um and car­bon frames that are built to be strong and light. Click through to shop stun­ning frames and com­plete bicycles.

Mile High Moun­taineer­ing: You’re pack­ing for a 3‑day float when you dis­cov­er your over­sized sleep­ing bag and your gear smor­gas­bord won’t fit in the dry bag. Get orga­nized with the com­pres­sion sacks and dry­loc bags fea­tured here. 


Yog­a­Rat: Yogis should stretch their backs not their bank accounts, which is why Yog­a­Rat offers its pre­mi­um yoga acces­sories at afford­able prices. Help keep your chakras aligned with these mats, tow­els, and more.

Shred Ready: Stub­born­ness can get you through tough odds, but no mat­ter how hard of a head you’ve got, it’s not going to pro­tect you when you fall. This col­lec­tion of hel­mets from Shred Ready will do the trick. 

Men’s Essen­tials: That time between train­ing rides, marathons, and sum­mit bids is the rest of your life. Don’t let it catch you with your pants down. Equip your­self with these belts, watch­es, bags, and more.


Wom­en’s Out­door Appar­el: Fash­ion­istas don’t want to see your mud­dy plaid on their glitzy run­ways. That’s okay. You don’t want to see their Louis Vuit­ton stilet­tos on your trail. Shop styl­ish out­door appar­el here.

The Young Explor­er: Kids shoes and clothes have to endure every­thing from mud and grass stains to the slime of a cap­tured slug. This col­lec­tion is designed to stand up to what­ev­er abus­es your young explor­ers dish out.


STILL AVAILABLE: Camel­Bak, Sher­pa Adven­ture Gear, COMUNE appar­el, STRAFE Out­er­wear, Som­brio cycle appar­el, & more! 


The Human Ante­lope: Did you know? On Octo­ber 28th (that’s today!), 1978, Don Ritchie, who is large­ly con­sid­ered one of the best ultra-long dis­tance run­ners of all time, broke the 100km record. And no, it’s not because no one had ever run that far before. He set the record in London’s Crys­tal Palace where he ran 100km in the record time of six hours, ten min­utes, and 20 sec­onds. That’s less than six min­utes a mile! This phe­nom­e­nal record last­ed for 25 years.

Have you ever imag­ined a world where your bike can live safe and sound while you par­take in your dai­ly rou­tines? Here in Port­land, Ore­gon, we dream about that a lot. And although Port­land is tout­ed as one of the best cities for bicy­clists in the Unit­ed States, we have nev­er seen any­thing like this. Take a vir­tu­al tour through a mechan­i­cal vil­lage for bikes. Where robots swoop your bikes away and put them to rest. Then, when you are ready to ride again, The steel moans and churns, the doors pop open, and your trusty steed is once again by your side. Nobody said dreams can’t come true.

We start­ed a com­pa­ny cyclocross team a few weeks ago and two things are already appar­ent: we aren’t that seri­ous and we aren’t that good. But cyclocross sea­son is six months away and with enough work, we may stand a chance as com­peti­tors. After only a cou­ple of weeks of train­ing, we’ve already learned some lessons that will prove invalu­able on the mud­dy cours­es this fall. We’ve also learned a lot about each oth­er, which is to be expect­ed when attempt­ing to start a work cyclocross team, which I don’t nec­es­sar­i­ly recommend.

In hon­or of Nation­al Bike Month, I thought I’d share the top 5 rea­sons why you might want to avoid start­ing a com­pa­ny-spon­sored cross team.

1. Wear­ing mud­dy span­dex around the office makes col­leagues feel uncomfortable.

2. Peo­ple who are try­ing to focus on real work are averse to the sound of cowbells.

3. The boss is not quite sure how to take it when you elbow him out of the way to get to the water cool­er first.

4. Beer hand-ups dur­ing lunchtime train­ing rides is not con­doned by man­age­ment.

5. The tech team quick­ly tires of clean­ing french fry grease and may­on­naise out of your keyboard.


We’re going to keep the momen­tum going by fea­tur­ing a spe­cial Tues­day event.

Patag­o­nia began with sup­ply­ing tools for climbers, and although that love of Alpin­ism remains at their heart, they’ve since grown to sup­ply­ing appar­el, gear and footwear for climbers, skiers, snow­board­ers, surfers, trail run­ners and more. Our first event with Patag­o­nia fea­tures footwear for men and women at up to 60% off. You can wel­come them to The Clymb by shop­ping their awe­some selec­tion here.

Also, mak­ing their Clymb debut, Nirve. Their pre­mi­um hand­made com­fort bicy­cles come in a strik­ing array of styles and graph­ics. We’re proud to fea­ture their fun and easy to ride bikes today, at exclu­sive mem­ber pricing.

If you haven’t already, come fol­low us on Twit­ter and Face­book where we’re always avail­able to answer your ques­tions, take your sug­ges­tions, and sup­ply an invi­ta­tion to The Clymb!

When you’re done shop­ping, check out this video from Patag­o­nia on cor­po­rate responsibility:

NOW we have bikes.

Are you a cyclist because reduc­ing your car­bon foot­print is impor­tant to you? Do you pre­fer to com­mute to work on two wheels? Does trav­el­ing by bike make you feel more engaged in the world as you go?

If so, Kilo­watt bikes are for you. And we’re bring­ing them to our mem­bers at up to 70% off. Not inter­est­ed in the race, these ped­al, cruis­er and com­muter bikes help you focus on con­ve­nience, health, and hap­pi­ness. Mem­bers, to shop Kilo­watt click here.

And since there’s an extra hour of sun­light, you have an extra hour to rock a pair of sun­glass­es from our selec­tion of Zeal, Anon, Native, and SPY — all great qual­i­ty and high style at up to 60% off. Spring for­ward in style now.

If you’re not a mem­ber, you can’t shop, but we’re hap­py to extend an invi­ta­tion if you drop by Twit­ter or Face­book and let us know you need one.