Anoth­er week and two more brand events. (Just an FYI Thurs­day is going to be heav­i­ly about gear.) Today we kick off our Gram­ic­ci event where you can save up to 60% off retail price on Gram­ic­ci appar­el. As always this is for Clymb mem­bers only so if you need a mem­ber­ship give us a Tweet or vis­it our Face­book page.

Gram­ic­ci strong­ly believes in inspir­ing their cus­tomers to live an active lifestyle. They talk about inspir­ing peo­ple to ride to work more. While this video is a few years old I think it is a pret­ty inter­est­ing inter­view on how they com­bine func­tion and style.

Stay tuned this week for a few videos from Cec’s trip to the Olympics!

Today we are proud to announce our  brand event with Horny Toad, you can save between 60–65% off every­thing in the event! The event runs for three days and will end Thurs­day morn­ing at 9am PST. As per usu­al we get to share a video that we think shows off the brand and is entertaining/useful to our mem­bers. For Horny Toad they made a com­pa­ny dance video. Yes… A com­pa­ny dance video. Awe­some? Yes. Fun? No doubt. Is it mak­ing us lim­ber up to make one of our own? I would­n’t go that far yet. Although I heard Kel­ly does a mean run­ning man. (Per­son­al­ly I pre­fer the cab­bage patch.)

Like it says in the video descrip­tion, “Work hard, play hard, cre­ate some­thing special.”

As always you need to be a mem­ber of the Clymb, if you would like an invite to the event you can Tweet us or let us know on Face­book.

Every­one made it back from the Out­door Retail­er show in one piece. I heard from the peo­ple that attend­ed from the Clymb that they had a great show. Of course they did­n’t rub it in that much for those of us who did­n’t attend. (Although when we post some recaps this week it prob­a­bly will depress me a lit­tle.) We hope to release some infor­ma­tion in the future about some of the part­ner­ships we cultivated.

This week we are proud to announce our brand event with Moun­tain Khakis, one of the brands you asked for via a cus­tomer sur­vey. (We do lis­ten!) Start­ing today at 9am PST and run­ning through Thurs­day morn­ing at 9am PST we will be sell­ing Moun­tain Kha­ki gear for up to 60% off of retail price. As always this is a mem­bers only event, if you would like a free mem­ber­ship please Tweet Us, con­nect with us on Face­book, or drop me an e‑mail: kevin. p (at) the

Hope you all have a great week!

Two brand events in one week! One a scale of 1–10 we are eas­i­ly a 10 right now, pos­si­bly an 11 even though that would tech­ni­cal­ly break the scale. This is kind of his­toric for us, the first time we have held two events like this. Thanks to all our mem­bers new and old. We look for­ward to grow­ing and offer­ing you the best deals on out­door gear that we can.

Our brand event, which start­ed at 9am PST, is Camel­Bak! You can save up to 50% off Camel­Back hydra­tion sys­tems. The event runs through Sat­ur­day at 9am PST. Like always you need to be a mem­ber to access the event. It is free to become a mem­ber. You can sign up through our spe­cial link this week. Remem­ber $10 from every pur­chase is going to sup­port Mer­cy Corps and their relief efforts in Haiti. (We encour­age you to give direct­ly as well.)

Here is a great video on how Camel­Bak tests their products.

I think this is total­ly inter­est­ing to see how they test prod­uct. It is great to see how seri­ous they take the qual­i­ty of what they put out. As they say in the video that if their prod­uct fails some­one could get hurt. Beyond that though… how fun would this be? Inflat­ing reser­voirs to obscene lev­els see­ing if when they will explode. Learn­ing that you can unscrew a cap 40,000 times… I think I am in the wrong field.

Wow a lot to cov­er today. First off let me announce our new brand event this week, we are part­ner­ing with Out­door Research and you can save up to 70% off a pret­ty wide selec­tion of their gear. Like always this is mem­bers only and it runs through Jan­u­ary 14th at 9am PST, if you need a mem­ber­ship you can con­tact us on Face­book, Twit­ter, MySpace, or via E‑mail at kevin.p [@] (remove the brack­ets and smoosh it all together).

Per­son­al­ly I love the Out­door Research brand events because I get to post videos with Phil Ersh­ler from Inter­na­tion­al Moun­tain Guides. Phil is super infor­ma­tive when it comes to how to lay­er and prop­er­ly use equip­ment. Here is anoth­er one of his infor­ma­tive videos:

Now onto the results of our first ever Twit­ter con­test. Here are the three peo­ple, drawn at ran­dom, to win $100 gift cards to the Clymb.

Gaye Beck­man

Liz Hall­worth

Dar­ren Chan

Con­grat­u­la­tions to our win­ners and a mighty thank you to all that par­tic­i­pat­ed. We will be doing anoth­er con­test down the road. So if you did­n’t win you will have a chance to enact revenge and con­quer those that did at a lat­er date.