C4 SUP Paddles

C4 SUP Paddles

The Bam­boo Pad­dle from C4 Water­man com­bines bam­boo with fiber­glass to cre­ate a light­weight, yet strong pad­dle. The 86-inch shaft is made of fiber­glass. The 8‑inch blade is made of bam­boo, and it has a unique, patent-pend­ing dihe­dral keel face that allows for smooth, effi­cient strokes through the water.

This com­bi­na­tion of weight and pow­er makes it a great pad­dle for Stand-up pad­dle­board­ers. It’s stur­dy enough to get pur­chase in pow­er­ful waves, but light enough to race into them. And all these fea­tures add up to a pad­dle that has an intu­itive sense for the surf, which is no sur­prise: C4 Water­man is an authen­tic Hawai­ian brand that builds prod­ucts that are born from a pas­sion for the sport.

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More than just a pad­dle board com­pa­ny, C4 Water­man is built on a sol­id foun­da­tion of four core (C4) principles:

  • Bal­ance – They believe in the impor­tance of find­ing a men­tal and spir­i­tu­al bal­ance, as well as a bal­ance between the dif­fer­ent roles we play in life
  • Endurance – The abil­i­ty to with­stand chal­lenges in all forms
  • Strength & Tra­di­tion – With deep Hawai­ian roots, tra­di­tion plays a big role in the lifestyle and cul­ture of C4 Water­man, as does the strength that comes with sys­tem of fam­i­ly and friends.

These val­ues are more than just the way they mar­ket their prod­ucts, it’s the way they live. C4 Waterman’s Clymb debut fea­tures their SUP pad­dles and pad­dle bags at exclu­sive mem­ber pric­ing. For how to videos on prop­er pad­dling and care, check out C4’s videos here.

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