Mem­bers, click through below for exclu­sive sav­ings on today’s fea­tured brands:

KAVU: You hike alone to a qui­et back­coun­try lake. Sud­den­ly, inspi­ra­tion hits. You jump in, per­form­ing a per­fect can­non­ball that shat­ters the calm. Con­grat­u­la­tions. You just expe­ri­enced KAVU.

Camel­Bak: Camels devel­oped water drom­e­daries three mil­lion years ago. Humans fig­ured it out in 1988. Drink up evo­lu­tion­ary progress with the Camel­Bak hydra­tion packs and bot­tles fea­tured in this col­lec­tion.

Point6: Built to help keep your body tem­per­a­ture at an ide­al 98.6 degrees, point6 uses spe­cial­ly processed Meri­no wool in all of their socks. Expe­ri­ence nat­ur­al ther­moreg­u­la­tion with the styles in this collection.

Vit­to­ria: Con­tin­u­al­ly push­ing the bound­aries of what is con­sid­ered pos­si­ble, Vit­to­ria is known the world over for their incred­i­ble rub­ber com­pounds. Fea­tur­ing road and moun­tain tires by the Ital­ian brand.

SPY: The design for SPY sun­glass­es and gog­gles stems from a pas­sion for surf­ing, snow­board­ing, ski­ing, and rac­ing bicy­cles. The result is styl­ish, func­tion­al eye­wear that can endure a lot of abuse.

MiiR: In a mar­ket sat­u­rat­ed by ubiq­ui­tous style and mediocre design, MiiR stain­less steel bot­tles stand out as unique. For every bot­tle sold, the brand pro­vides one per­son with clean water for a year. 

Eas­t­on Moun­tain Prod­ucts: If you’ve ever suf­fered a day of post-hol­ing through soft snow, then you know how impor­tant it is to have snow­shoes. Stay atop the snow­pack this win­ter with a qual­i­ty pair of snow­shoes fea­tured here.

Out­door Research: Shrug off a squall as you hike deep into Olympic Nation­al Park’s Hoh Rain­for­est wear­ing one of these tech­ni­cal shells. Pair it with the base­lay­ers, hats, and gloves and there’s noth­ing stop­ping you.

Mem­bers, click through below for exclu­sive sav­ings on today’s fea­tured brands:

Som­brio: When founder Dave Wat­son road-gapped a pelo­ton on his down­hill bike in the 2005 Tour de France, he did more than make a statement—he took a HUGE dig­ger. The tough appar­el he wears is fea­tured here.

Camel­Bak: Camels devel­oped water drom­e­daries three mil­lion years ago. Humans fig­ured it out in 1988. Drink up evo­lu­tion­ary progress with the Camel­Bak hydra­tion packs and bot­tles fea­tured in this col­lec­tion. 

COMUNE: COMUNE’s aes­thet­ic reflects a lifestyle of care­free ide­al­ism. Click through to shop our col­lec­tion of the edgy brand’s fash­ion­able lifestyle appar­el. Fea­tur­ing tees, sweat­shirts, hats, and more.

Sher­pa Adven­ture Gear: Sher­pa Adven­ture Gear spon­sors and cel­e­brates the best and often most under­ap­pre­ci­at­ed high-alti­tude climbers in the world: the Sher­pas. Fea­tur­ing insu­lat­ed, wind­proof jack­ets and more.

STRAFE: Mod­ern life is filled with dis­trac­tions, jobs, rela­tion­ships, and respon­si­bil­i­ties. Seek sim­plic­i­ty through ski­ing with STRAFE Out­er­wear. Fea­tur­ing jack­ets and pants.

The Com­plete Cyclist: Whether you’re jump­ing bar­ri­ers at Cyclocross, draft­ing the leader in a pelo­ton, or com­mut­ing to work on two wheels, this assort­ment of cycling appar­el will deliv­er next-lev­el performance.

Men’s Fall Style: You’ve raked the leaves into a mas­sive pile. Now, all you can think is: Can­non­ball. Jump into fall with these hood­ies and long sleeves by top brands like Oak­ley, Air­blaster, and more. 

Long­boards: You’re bomb­ing down­hill faster than you’ve ever gone before. The world fades into a blur when, deer! Turn on a dime with these respon­sive long­board decks from Gold­coast and Sector‑9.


“Dr. Liv­ing­stone, I pre­sume?” Did you know? On Octo­ber 27th (that’s today!), 1871, Hen­ry Mor­ton Stan­ley final­ly found Dr. David Liv­ingston, a Scot­tish mis­sion­ary who had dis­ap­peared for six years in the African inte­ri­or. After com­plet­ing his assign­ment for the church, Liv­ingston ambi­tious­ly set out to dis­cov­er the source of the Nile Riv­er. His mis­sion went awry in Uji­ji, Tan­za­nia where his sup­plies were stolen, and in ill­ness, he van­ished. The Amer­i­can jour­nal­ist Hen­ry Stan­ley couldn’t let this intrigu­ing sto­ry die, so he set on a jour­ney of his own from Zanz­ibar to find Liv­ingston. When Stan­ley saw the Cau­casian man stand­ing among Arab slave traders in Uji­ji, he walked up to him and deliv­ered his famous greet­ing, “Dr. Liv­ing­stone, I presume?”


Moun­tain climber Aron Ral­ston (Pho­to cour­tesy of PROBAR)

Hap­py Mon­day, Clym­bers. We trust your week­end was rife with adven­ture. We had blue­bird skies and pow­der snow on Mount Hood this week­end and a lot of folks from The Clymb took advan­tage. Need­less to say, there are some sun­burned rac­coon eyes in the office today.

Let’s get down to busi­ness. Today’s event is a big one, with sun­glass­es, hands-free hydra­tion, organ­ic ener­gy bars, wom­en’s activewear, run­ning shoes, and more. Kick the week off right with some sweet deals on awe­some gear from top brands. Enjoy!

Camel­Bak: Look Ma, no hands! Whether rid­ing a bike or eat­ing spaghet­ti, doing things sans hands just feels more… awe­some. The tac­tic can be use­ful for hydra­tion too. Not hav­ing to stop to fum­ble around with your pack to pull a water bot­tle out on the trail can save valu­able time and keep you from cool­ing down. The abil­i­ty to ingest flu­ids while on the fly on a moun­tain bike means you can ride the hill for all its worth with­out hav­ing to stop or even take your hands off the han­dle­bars. Sci­en­tif­ic stud­ies have shown that ath­letes drank more flu­ids and per­formed bet­ter when they wore a Camel­Bak. Get your hands-free hydra­tion on with Camel­Bak hydra­tion packs or go the old fash­ioned way with Camel­Bak bot­tles, both avail­able now on The Clymb for mem­ber-exclu­sive pricing.

Pro­Bar: While cut­ting slices of Kiel­basa and cheese with a dubi­ous­ly clean mul­ti­tool then toss­ing them on some sog­gy crack­ers will for­ev­er be the ulti­mate sus­te­nance-based rite of pas­sage in back­pack­ing, the final prod­uct is far from the health­i­est option. If ever there was a polar oppo­site to the moun­tain man­wich, it’s the Pro­Bar organ­ic food bar. Hunger-destroy­ing bars made from all-nat­ur­al, 100% veg­an organ­ic ingre­di­ents, Pro­Bar prod­ucts fill the trail-weary up on pure nutri­tion­al good­ness, leav­ing them with a skip in their steps instead of a brick in their bel­lies. Bring the raw food move­ment to the trail with cas­es of Pro­Bar, avail­able now on The Clymb for mem­ber-exclu­sive pricing.

Detours: Detours is like a hot cup of cof­fee on a rainy day—for your bicy­cle. Based in Seat­tle, Detours builds its com­muter cycling acces­sories to with­stand the wettest weath­er the Pacif­ic North­west can dish out with designs meant to reflect an uplift­ing expres­sion of rid­ers’ per­son­al­i­ties. Deck your ride out with Detours seat­post bags, pan­niers, and bas­kets, avail­able now on The Clymb for mem­ber-exclu­sive pricing.

Wom­en’s Activewear: Ride, run, hike, or rock out some acro-yoga—and look good doing it—with Wom­en’s activewear, avail­able now on The Clymb for mem­ber-exclu­sive pricing.

Shades of Spring: Whether for hik­ing, beach bum­ming, dri­ving, or hid­ing a hang­over at work, a good pair of sun­glass­es is an essen­tial item in every out­door junkie’s kit. There are styles out there for every need—and we’ve prob­a­bly got the style you need, on sale, in our huge sun­glass­es event. Look boss even if you’re a grunt with a new pair of shades from top brands like O’Neill, Spy, Native, Kaenon, Zeal, and Drag­on, avail­able now for mem­ber-exclu­sive pricing.

Men’s & Wom­en’s Run­ning Shoes: Sick of hear­ing your swollen feet howl when­ev­er you hit the trail in your rat­ty old run­ning shoes? Throw those dogs a bone by treat­ing your­self to a new pair from top brands like Brooks, New Bal­ance, Vivo­bare­foot, Sauony, and more, avail­able now on The Clymb for mem­ber-exclu­sive pricing.

PLUS… There’s still time to save on Salomon, Fuel­Belt, Gravis, & Snow Goggles.

SOCK IT TO ‘EM: Did you know? The sum­mer of 1988 found cyclist Michael Eid­son look­ing for a leg up in the upcom­ing Hot­ter’N Hell 100 road race. An emer­gency med­ical tech­ni­cian by trade, he knew that hydra­tion would be an issue as he ped­aled hard for 100 miles in the gru­el­ing heat of Wichi­ta Falls, Texas. His solution—filling an IV bag with water, slip­ping it into a white tube sock, and strap­ping it to his jer­sey with clothespins—was the gen­e­sis of hands-free hydra­tion as well as a mul­ti-mil­lion dol­lar com­pa­ny, CamelBak.

For­get long lines at the crack of dawn, you can shop our Not So Black Fri­day event from the com­fort of your home (your bed even, if you like) at a rea­son­able hour (9am PST, after a break­fast of Thanks­giv­ing left­overs — hey, we don’t judge) and avoid the push­ing, shov­ing, and pepper-spraying.

Shop some of your favorite brands for out­door gear and appar­el at up to 70% off. We’ve got KEEN, Mer­rell, prAna, Camel­Bak, Salomon, Sanuk, SOG, Sier­ra Designs, SUGOI, and more. Our Not So Black Fri­day events are sep­a­rat­ed into mens, wom­ens, and footwear and gear for your convenience.

Plus, cozy up for win­ter with sleep­ing bags and mul­ti­ple per­son tents from Slum­ber­jack, Get warm and dry with GORE-TEX® footwear from Ecco and car­ry-all with upcy­cled packs, bags and acces­sories from Alche­my Goods.


And your entire order ships for free with the pur­chase of one of our exclu­sive The Clymb t‑shirts. 

So, get your dis­count­ed Black Fri­day shop­ping done and then get out­side to burn off some of those hol­i­day carbs. We’ll be here on Mon­day with a whole new set of events that will blow you away.

If you’re suf­fer­ing from Mon­day blahs, we’ve got the cure. No, it’s not a time machine that can make it Fri­day already (I wish), but rather four super brands today at ridicu­lous­ly awe­some savings.

Camel­Bak has led the way in pro­vid­ing high-qual­i­ty, hands-free hydra­tion sys­tems that are per­fect for run­ning, bik­ing, hik­ing, snow­board­ing, ski­ing, and more. We’re lead­ing off the week with up to 70% off their state-of-the-art hydra­tion packs. Yes, that bears repeat­ing: up to 70% off. Take a look at the selec­tion here.

On your next adven­ture you’re sure to need a lum­bar bag from Moun­tain­smith. Reli­able, made to last, and capa­ble of keep­ing your out­door essen­tials read­i­ly avail­able and orga­nized, these bags can be yours at up to 50% off.

Because you’re all about liv­ing a life out­doors, be it from adven­ture to adven­ture and all the days in between, we’ve got KAVU back­packs and bags for men and women at up to 55% off. Whether it’s for your next hike or bike com­mute to work, you’ll find a bag right for you here.

And if you’re look­ing for some­thing that will last a life­time and beyond, you’ll want to look no fur­ther than our Stan­ley event with water bot­tles and trav­el mugs. Shop for the next Stan­ley prod­uct that will become a part of your fam­i­ly here, at up to 65% off.

Not too shab­by for a Mon­day, no? If you have ques­tions about these events or you’d like to sug­gest a brand to see fea­tured on The Clymb, feel free to drop us an email or vis­it with us on Face­book or Twit­ter. Those are also good places to get an imme­di­ate invite so you can be signed up and ready to save in no time.

Fire­works are hap­pen­ing ear­ly. We’re start­ing the hol­i­day week­end now with up to 70% off some of your favorite brands.

Anon, Arc’teryx, Camel­bak, Castel­li, Eagle Creek, GoLite, Loopt­works, Pearl Izu­mi, Reef, Roy­al Rob­bins, SIGG, and SPY.

That’s a lot of brands, right? But did I men­tion up to 70% off all of them? It’s real­ly quite patri­ot­ic if you think about it. Stim­u­lat­ing the econ­o­my and all that.

Shop our 4th of July event for women and chil­dren here. For men here. And get your acces­sories here.


Also, don’t for­get to take a pic­ture rock­ing your Clymb gear or appar­el this week­end. Start post­ing them on our Face­book page on Tues­day (or email them to me at You have till Fri­day 7/8 at 5pm EST when we’ll pick our favorite two and award them each with $50 to The Clymb. Face­book (and Twit­ter) is also a good place to stop by if you have a ques­tion or need an invite.

Enjoy your hol­i­day week­end, every­one! Stay safe.

Three brands, triple the sav­ings, triple the fun!

Appro­pri­ate­ly, SUGOI means “incred­i­ble” in Japan­ese. For over 20 years, SUGOI has made incred­i­bly hard­work­ing appar­el for hard­core endurance ath­letes. Iron­man win­ners, world cham­pi­ons, Olympians and every­day com­mit­ted ath­letes have all sworn by SUG­OI’s com­mit­ment to excel­lence. Mem­bers of The Clymb will receive up to 55% off SUG­OI’s per­for­mance appar­el for cyclists and bikers.

Uvex helps cre­ate a cul­ture of safe­ty for cyclists all over the world with their high-tech, high qual­i­ty, inno­v­a­tive and fash­ion­able hel­mets. Clymb mem­bers can choose from a selec­tion of cycling hel­mets for men, women and kids, all at up to 50% off.

Would you believe that Camel­bak’s hands-free hydra­tion solu­tion began with a water-filled IV bag stuffed into a tube sock and secured with a clothes­pin? They’ve come a long way and our mem­bers can choose from a selec­tion of water bot­tles, hydra­tion packs, run­ning packs and stan­dard reser­voirs (no tube socks required) at up to 55% off.

This triple threat event begins today at 9am PST and runs for three days. The sales are only avail­able to mem­bers, but mem­ber­ship is free and we’d be hap­py to extend one just click here.

To shop SUGOI, click here.

To shop Uvex, click here.

To shop Camel­bak, click here.

Two brand events in one week! One a scale of 1–10 we are eas­i­ly a 10 right now, pos­si­bly an 11 even though that would tech­ni­cal­ly break the scale. This is kind of his­toric for us, the first time we have held two events like this. Thanks to all our mem­bers new and old. We look for­ward to grow­ing and offer­ing you the best deals on out­door gear that we can.

Our brand event, which start­ed at 9am PST, is Camel­Bak! You can save up to 50% off Camel­Back hydra­tion sys­tems. The event runs through Sat­ur­day at 9am PST. Like always you need to be a mem­ber to access the event. It is free to become a mem­ber. You can sign up through our spe­cial link this week. Remem­ber $10 from every pur­chase is going to sup­port Mer­cy Corps and their relief efforts in Haiti. (We encour­age you to give direct­ly as well.)

Here is a great video on how Camel­Bak tests their products.

I think this is total­ly inter­est­ing to see how they test prod­uct. It is great to see how seri­ous they take the qual­i­ty of what they put out. As they say in the video that if their prod­uct fails some­one could get hurt. Beyond that though… how fun would this be? Inflat­ing reser­voirs to obscene lev­els see­ing if when they will explode. Learn­ing that you can unscrew a cap 40,000 times… I think I am in the wrong field.