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But where will you go tomor­row? One day is short notice to plan an adven­ture that will take you tens of thou­sands of miles around the world, over unfor­giv­ing ter­rain by foot and hand, and to the top of inspir­ing peaks. What about what’s right out­side your door?

Native encour­ages the explo­ration of your habi­tat and claim­ing your space there. No one under­stands this bet­ter than Alas­tair Humphreys, a sea­soned world adven­tur­er who has rid­den his bike 46,000 miles around the world. He spent 2011 embark­ing on microad­ven­tures that began and end­ed at his doorstep in a Lon­don sub­urb. From liv­ing off the land for four days to swim­ming the Thames, each microad­ven­ture pro­vid­ed a phys­i­cal chal­lenge and allowed him to meet peo­ple he might not have oth­er­wise. Humphreys said his goal was to “break down the elit­ism in adven­ture,” and he found there is adven­ture to be had just by break­ing your rou­tine and explor­ing the world right out­side your door.

Alas­tair Humphreys — Pho­to by Her­wig Pho­to,

Humphreys is one of sev­er­al peo­ple vying for Nation­al Geo­graph­ic’s “Adven­tur­er of the Year.” Each has accom­plished great­ness in their own way and has inspired oth­ers to explore the world near and far.

Read their sto­ries and then cast your vote. Head over to Face­book when you’re done and let us know who you vot­ed for and why.

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