It’s that time of year when the days are longer and the nights are get­ting hot­ter. Sum­mer is the sea­son for week­end escapes to the beach and reunions at the fam­i­ly lake house. But with air­fare approach­ing 4‑year lows, it’s not a bad time to book a flight, even if it’s just for a quick week­end escape. A group of Clymb employ­ees and friends recent­ly took advan­tage of cheap flights to Alas­ka, and with almost 20 hours of day­light, the week­end was packed with action. Here are the high­lights from their 3 dif­fer­ent itineraries.


Surf & Scram­ble — Kyle, Col­in, Craig


  • Arrived in Anchor­age at 11:50pm, picked up a rental car, and start­ed the 2 hour dri­ve south to Seward.



  • Arrived in Seward at 2:30am, quick­ly set up a tent in the down­town, and slept for 4 hours.
  • Met up with Cap­tain Liska of Alas­ka Surf Adven­ture at 8:00am and board­ed The Drekkar. Took an hour-long boat ride out of Res­ur­rec­tion Bay to get to the surf break at Bear Glacier.
  • Surfed for 5 hours and then head­ed back to port.
  • Met up with Suzie and Natal­ie for a hike up the Hard­ing Ice­field Trail.
  • Grabbed a beer at Yukon bar, set up camp near Exit Glac­i­er, and passed out around midnight.



  • Woke up at 8am and drove an hour north to Byron Glacier.
  • Scram­bled for sev­er­al hours get­ting as close as we could safe­ly get to the glacier.
  • Drove 15 min­utes to Whit­ti­er. Grabbed a bowl of seafood chow­der and spent a few hours explor­ing the town that is rich in WWII and Cold War history.
  • Drove back to Anchor­age, met up with the girls, had a few beers, and head­ed to the airport.


Hike & Kayak — Suzie, Natal­ie


  • Arrived at 11:50pm, and spent the night in Anchorage.



  • Picked up the rental car and made the scenic day­time dri­ve to Seward.
  • Arrived in Seward and spent the morn­ing explor­ing the downtown.
  • Met up with Kyle, Col­in, and Craig and hiked up the Hard­ing Ice­field Trail until the snow was too deep to pass.
  • Set up camp in Kenai Fjords Nation­al Park.



  • Woke up at 7:00am and made breakfast.
  • Met up with the crew from Sun­ny Cove Sea Kayak­ing at  8:00am.
  • Went kayak­ing for 4 hours in Res­ur­rec­tion Bay,  and saw all sorts of wildlife includ­ing breach­ing whales, seals, sea lions, otters, and bald eagles.
  • Sun­bathed and pic­nicked on Low­ell Point beach before head­ing back to Anchorage.


Back­pack — Olivia, Lau­ra, Michelle, Grace, Han­nah, Alaina


  • Arrived in Anchor­age and spent the night in Bar­rett Hotel.

DSC_0391 copy


  • Stopped by Adven­ture Appetites to get back­pack­ing food and bear spray at 8am.
  • Drove south on Hwy 1 to the trail­head for the Res­ur­rec­tion Trail.
  • Hiked 14.5 miles through the Chugach Nation­al For­est to the East Creek Cab­in. Saw 2 bears, a baby moose, and a bunch of bald eagles on the trail.
  • The cab­in came equipped with an out house and wood for wood-stove, as well as axe and saw. There was no bear box so we hung our food. We made our din­ners, hung our wet clothes to dry, drank wine, and watched the sun go down after 11pm.

DSC_0285 copy


  • Woke up, made break­fast, and hiked 14.5 miles back out to the van with sun­shine and blue skies. Legs were throb­bing from 30 miles cov­ered in 24 hours.
  • Got back to the van and imme­di­ate­ly took off our boots and socks to soak our feet in the near­by creek.
  • Drove back to Anchor­age to meet up with the rest of the crew for Fish-n-chips, Salmon Spread, and well-deserved beers. Returned our bear spray and rental car and head­ed for the air­port for our return flight home around 10pm.

DSC_0357 copy

These are just a few ideas for your next week­end get­away whether it’s by air or road. Remem­ber to share your sto­ries with us using #Clym­bLife. Now get out­side and explore!