Raft­ing over a 125-foot water­fall seems impos­si­ble, but in this cam­era phone video, Dan McCain, proves the impos­si­ble is only a fig­ment of our imag­i­na­tion by drop­ping over the spill­way of the Con­dit Dam on the White Salmon Riv­er in Washington.

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It’s more than ille­gal and impres­sive; how­ev­er, it is now actu­al­ly impossible.

On Octo­ber 28, 2011, Paci­fi­Corp explod­ed their 100-year old dam. Andy Maser cap­tured a beau­ti­ful time-lapse video sequence of the explo­sion. Lis­ten for the detonator’s yell, “Fire in the hole!”

And if you’re a pad­dler, or a con­ser­va­tion­ist, give a yell of your own. That dark tor­rent burst­ing from the breached dam’s base is the first time the White Salmon Riv­er has flowed in over a century.

It’s tak­en over a year to remove all the debris, but this stretch is now offi­cial­ly open for rafting.