Watch this incred­i­ble video of BASE jumper extra­or­di­naire Mario Richard doing what seems to be the impos­si­ble. After jump­ing off a remote desert tow­er in the Utah wilder­ness, Richard exe­cutes a per­fect land­ing onto the sum­mit of the King­fish­er, anoth­er iso­lat­ed desert tow­er. Then, amaz­ing­ly repacks his para­chute and jumps off the King­fish­er, pass­ing a crew of desert ath­letes mid-flight. What you see in the inter­im can only touch the sur­face of the tight knit crew that lives and plays in unique ways among the sand­stone cliffs.

This past Mon­day, while push­ing the bound­aries of his sport, Richard died while wing­suit fly­ing in the Dolomite moun­tain range of Italy. He was a true pio­neer and had logged over 7,000 sky dives and 2,000 BASE jumps. Richard’s hum­ble atti­tude, lov­ing per­son­al­i­ty, and pas­sion for flight touched thou­sands of peo­ple along the way.

Here’s to you Mario. C’est La Vie! 

On any giv­en day in the Utah desert, you can find the vision­ary rock climber, Steph Davis, climb­ing up the soli­tary rock tow­ers only to huck her­self off once she reach­es the top. In this video, she takes a new approach, BASE jump­ing into a des­o­late canyon to unearth a long-for­got­ten, obscure, and clas­sic crack line. View her jour­ney here and find out why she’s moti­vat­ed to con­tin­u­al­ly push her per­son­al boundaries.


[Via: Climb­ing Mag­a­zine]