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CW‑X: Com­plex fab­ri­ca­tions meet aggres­sive design in this col­lec­tion of pre­mi­um per­for­mance prod­ucts that fit like a dream. What else can we say? CW‑X is crème-de-la-crème athleticwear.

Blurr: Impec­ca­bly styl­ish and ulti­mate­ly flat­ter­ing, Blurr pre­mi­um ath­let­ic wear is designed for climbers who demand per­for­mance gear styl­ish enough to wear every day. Fea­tur­ing pants, sweaters, and more.

Aso­lo: Walk into the wilds know­ing that your gear will with­stand what­ev­er Moth­er Nature throws your way. This col­lec­tion of tents, sleep­ing bags, packs and more will become your allies far from civilization.

Sher­pa Adven­ture Gear: Sher­pa Adven­ture Gear spon­sors and cel­e­brates the best and often most under­ap­pre­ci­at­ed high-alti­tude climbers in the world: the Sher­pas. Fea­tur­ing insu­lat­ed, wind­proof jack­ets and more.

Zoot: By water, foot, and bike, you need seri­ous race wear that can endure your moti­va­tion to win. This col­lec­tion of com­pres­sion shorts, tights, and more has won over triath­letes for the past 25 years.

Fjall­raven: Swedish for ‘arc­tic fox,’ Fjäll­räven cre­ates sleek-look­ing tech­ni­cal out­door appar­el that’s tough, made for the moun­tains and tun­dra of north­ern Swe­den. Fea­tur­ing jack­ets, pants, and more.



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CW‑X: Design­ing lin­gerie is one of the most spe­cial­ized jobs in the appar­el indus­try. Which is why most brands that make ath­let­ic wear out­source work on their sup­port bras to inti­mate appar­el com­pa­nies. CW‑X is crème-de-la-crème ath­let­ic wear pro­duced by Wacoal, the world’s largest man­u­fac­tur­er of inti­mate appar­el. The com­pa­ny applies its sci­en­tif­ic knowl­edge of the human anato­my with its expe­ri­ence in com­plex fab­ri­ca­tions and appar­el design to cre­ate pre­mi­um ath­let­ic wear that fits like a dream. Click through to check out our col­lec­tion of CW‑X Men’s and Wom­en’s ath­let­ic wear.

Salomon: The mighty Dolomite Moun­tain region in north­ern Italy is a renowned alpine mec­ca for skiers, moun­tain bik­ers, BASE jumpers, hik­ers, climbers, and peak-peep­ers of all shapes and sizes. But it’s also known for some­thing else: socks. Salomon per­for­mance socks are designed and knit­ted in the Dolomites, where test­ing prod­uct is as fun as it is pro­duc­tive. Today on The Clymb we’re hap­py to offer a lit­tle taste of out­door Italy, with Salomon Men’s and Women’s per­for­mance run, bike and snow socks, avail­able now for mem­ber-exclu­sive pricing.


The Buz­zard’s Trea­sure: Did you know? On July 7 (that’s today!) 1730, the cit­i­zens of Saint Denis, Reunion turned out to watch the hang­ing of a noto­ri­ous pirate. Lit­tle did the island-dwellers know, they were about to wit­ness the spark that set off one of the great­est buried trea­sure leg­ends of all time. The pirate being led to the gal­lows was named Olivi­er Lev­asseur. But he was bet­ter known to the assem­bled mass­es by his mon­ick­er, ‘La Bouche,’ (The Buz­zard) because of the feroc­i­ty with which he attacked his tar­gets. La Bouche earned the rope that was being fas­tened around his neck through years of pira­cy, includ­ing the cap­ture of a ship car­ry­ing the equiv­a­lent of over $100,000,000 in coins and pre­cious gems. Accord­ing to leg­end, just before the hang­man slipped the noose around La Bouche’s neck, the pirate tore off the neck­lace he was wear­ing and threw it into the crowd, exclaim­ing, “Find my trea­sure, ye who may under­stand it!” The neck­lace con­tained a 17-line cryp­togram. Ever since that day, near­ly 300 years ago, trea­sure hunters have been re-trac­ing La Rouche’s foot­steps, try­ing to break his code.