Here are a few of the stories/posts twit­ter­ing around Twit­ter that caught our eye this week:

- It’s always great when employ­ers encour­age their employ­ees to be more active, more fit, and bike to work. The folks at Daim­ler Trucks North Amer­i­ca installed this neat bike rack for their work­ers. Thanks to the peeps at Bike Port­land (@bikeportland) for shar­ing this sto­ry on their Twit­ter stream.

- Rock Climb­ing UK shared a video of the climb­ing tech­nique, “The Rock Over and ‘Sit In’ ”

- And a lot of our mem­bers found this post by Steph Davis help­ful: What to Do When You Hit a Plateau With Your Climbing

What out­door-relat­ed news caught your inter­est this week? Feel free to share below and any time you see some­thing we or our mem­bers might find infor­ma­tive, humor­ous, use­ful, etc., feel free to shoot us a Tweet or drop me an email at nina (at) the­clymb (dot) com and I’ll get it circulating.

Enjoy your weekend!