A “bril­liant col­lec­tion of DVDs and a flat screen tele­vi­sion,” are just a few of the lux­u­ries David Corn­th­waite left behind in Lon­don when he set off on his mis­sion to swim 1,000 miles through the Mis­souri Riv­er. Corn­th­waite is attempt­ing the jour­ney to help raise $150,000 for Cop­paFeel!, a breast can­cer aware­ness charity.

Corn­th­waite is fueled by more than just doing a good deed. He told KPTM TV, “I want­ed to see exact­ly what I could achieve with my life and my time here. There’s an adven­ture to be had in our kitchen if we go look­ing for it, but a lot of peo­ple don’t.”

He began on August 10th in Cham­ber­lain, South Dako­ta. With a team includ­ing a nutri­tion­ist and film crew fol­low­ing behind on standup pad­dle­boards, Corn­th­waite is sched­uled to com­plete his adven­ture in St. Louis on Octo­ber 5th. So far, he has raised $10,000.

[Via: FOX42News]