The prob­lem with lin­ing up a dou­ble water­fall drop is you absolute­ly must hit the first one. In this video, the sec­ond kayak­er does not and that’s when things go ter­ri­bly wrong. This video by David Fusil­li is a freaky first-per­son account of what it’d be like to near­ly drown and get swept over a water­fall; it’s also a clin­ic on how to per­form a per­fect res­cue under tremen­dous pressure. 

We all like to think we’d respond the same way this res­cuer does. So take notes:

  1. Secure your kayak.
  2. Get your read­i­ly acces­si­ble throw bag.
  3. Find a safe place with secure foot­ing and room to throw.
  4. Make a per­fect throw.
  5. Haul the vic­tim into an eddy.
  6. For good mea­sure, stomp the water­fall that just moments before pre­sent­ed such grave danger.

 Above all else, the rea­son this kayak­er could per­form such a per­fect res­cue is it looks like he knew exact­ly what to do when the prob­lem arose. That’s why he could stay so calm under pres­sure. Some are born with it. Oth­ers need to prac­tice. But either way you should always have a res­cue plan for when things go wrong.