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De Rosa: Ugo De Rosa began man­u­fac­tur­ing bicy­cle frames at 18 years of age. Half a cen­tu­ry lat­er, still designed in the moun­tains of Italy, the icon­ic brand focus­es on using cut­ting-edge and time-test­ed mate­ri­als to build evo­lu­tion­ary rac­ing machines. De Rosa bicy­cle frames have been a fix­ture in the pro­fes­sion­al pelo­ton since the 1960’s and his bikes have graced count­less podi­ums through­out the world to this day. Click through now to see the stun­ning collection.


Moun­tain Bik­ing Appar­el & Acces­soriesGear up to savor some sin­gle­track or dom­i­nate the down­hill with this com­pre­hen­sive col­lec­tion of moun­tain bike appar­el and acces­sories by top brands in the fat-tire game, includ­ing DAKINE, Dainese, Kona, and more. Don’t miss out! 


Road Cycling Appar­el & Footwear: You used to dream of being in a band. Instead, you set­tled on being a road­ie, rock­ing the asphalt on two wheels every day. At least you can still wear span­dex. Gear up for your next gig with some­thing from this large col­lec­tion of cycling footwear and appar­el by pre­mi­um brands.


Cycling Hel­mets: Check yo’ head. Falling off a bike hurts. Whether it’s on pave­ment, slick­rock, or a root-strewn trail, do the smart thing and wear one of these hel­mets. We’re fea­tur­ing a vari­ety of styles from Uvex, LAS, and Limar to help keep your brain sharp for years to come.


Bike Com­po­nents, Tires, & More:  Get insid­er pric­ing on every­thing you need for sum­mer cycling for some of the top brands in the cycling world. This com­pre­hen­sive col­lec­tion fea­tures Brooks sad­dles, Fyx­a­tion tires, Crankbroth­ers stems, ped­als, and much more. Ride on!




Mag­el­lan Sets Sail: Did you know?

On August 10th, 1519 (that’s today!), Fer­di­nand Mag­el­lan’s five ships raised their sails to cir­cum­nav­i­gate the globe. They got nowhere fast. The fleet sailed from Seville to the Span­ish coast, where they pro­ceed­ed to anchor for five weeks wait­ing for pro­vi­sions to bol­ster their sup­plies. After the lay­over, Mag­el­lan and com­pa­ny crossed the Atlantic in three months and spot­ted South Amer­i­ca on Decem­ber 6th, anchor­ing near present day Rio de Janeiro. They sailed down the South Amer­i­can coast until they dis­cov­ered a deep brine pas­sage. On All Sain­t’s Day, Mag­el­lan’s ships entered the strait and became the first Euro­peans to reach Tier­ra del Fuego on the Pacif­ic side of the strait, which has now been named the Strait of Magellan.