The bike that’s being rid­den in this video has no sus­pen­sion, no hydraulic disc brakes, no car­bon fiber, and def­i­nite­ly lacks a drop­per seat post. Back in the day, it all began with beefed up cruis­er bikes being pushed to the top of hill by a bunch of Cal­i­for­nia hip­pies. They called it “Klunk­ing,” and this was the birth of moun­tain biking.

Tech­nol­o­gy has come a long way, but it’s safe to say that these OG’s were hav­ing just as much fun play­ing in the dirt as we are today on our high­ly engi­neered rigs. Check out this video of UCLA foot­ball play­er Carl Hulick get­ting back to his roots, and prov­ing that hav­ing fun on the trails is not all about rid­ing the lat­est and great­est gear.