The inspired big wall climber Alex Hon­nold suc­cess­ful­ly free-soloed El Sendero Lumi­noso, a sus­tained 5.12 route on a 1,500-foot big wall in El Potrero Chico, Mex­i­co. In his cus­tom­ary style, with­out a rope and mov­ing quick­ly, Hon­nold com­plet­ed the route, which often takes climb­ing par­ties two days, in just three hours.

Camp 4 Col­lec­tive cap­tured this amaz­ing footage by installing a cam­era on the route. The effect of the lone cam­era, the blus­ters of wind, and the deep breathes of Hon­nold as he tra­vers­es with a crossover move from a gas­ton, where he reach­es across his body with his left hand while putting counter-pres­sure on his right, is deeply unnerv­ing. Notice too how his feet pre­car­i­ous­ly bal­ance on the micro-edges of this routes’ noto­ri­ous­ly brit­tle lime­stone while thou­sands of feet above the deck.

This glimpse into the full-length film com­ing out by the North Face lat­er this year is enough to con­vince that this route is cer­tain­ly one of Honnold’s great­est achieve­ments of his already illus­tri­ous young career.