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O’Neill: Jack O’Neill invent­ed the first wet­suit in the ear­ly 1960’s in North­ern Cal­i­for­nia. Born out of a desire to stay in the water longer, O’Neill sand­wiched a piece of foam between two sheets of plas­tic and stuffed it down his trunks, dis­cov­er­ing that at least part of him stayed warm. The rest is his­to­ry. Inno­vat­ing new prod­ucts for surf-wear for over 60 years, the icon­ic brand makes some killer duds too. Check out the col­lec­tion of jack­ets, pants, and more at mem­ber-exclu­sive pricing.





Gura Gear: Gura Gear began with a con­ver­sa­tion between pho­tog­ra­phers on a Serengeti safari. After describ­ing their ulti­mate cam­era bag and scrib­bling down their ideas on a nap­kin, founder Andy Big­gs set about mak­ing a cam­era bag that was ver­sa­tile, com­fort­able, and rugged enough for any field con­di­tions. These are still the require­ments that inspire their entire line of bags and trav­el luggage.





Elec­tric Visu­al: Rock­ing since 2000 and sym­bol­ized by the icon­ic VOLT icon, Elec­tric Visu­al is known for their leg­endary sun­glass­es and gog­gles. Con­stant­ly dri­ven by feed­back from its ath­letes and the vital­i­ty of youth cul­ture, the brand pumps fash­ion-for­ward design with rock-star-wor­thy edge into each of its prod­ucts. Give a jolt to your vision with these sun­glass­es and goggles.





Gold­Coast Skate­boards: Gold­Coast Skate­boards are built for fun. Using cold-pressed North Amer­i­can maple or bam­boo, they spe­cial­ize in long boards, tran­si­tion boards, or cruis­ers. Skate­board­ing isn’t all about big airs and bro­ken bones. It’s about fun. With these boards and trucks, you can let the good times roll.






Beach Clas­sics: Just as the inside of a conch shell makes the per­pet­u­al sound of the sea, there are cer­tain styles that are time­less on the beach. Step into this col­lec­tion of board shorts, biki­nis, tees, and more.




The Rare Bite of an Orca: Did you know?

On Sep­tem­ber 9th (that’s today!), 1972, Hans Kretschmer felt a bump against his leg. He was surf­ing the break at Point Sur on the Cal­i­for­nia coast. Maybe it’s one of the seals I saw frol­ick­ing in the waves, he thought. But no, Hans turned around just in time to see a 20ft.-long Killer Whale chomp into his leg. Hans described the bite as “tremen­dous pres­sure.” It lac­er­at­ed his left thigh to the bone. Trail­ing blood, he body­surfed to shore and was dri­ven to the hos­pi­tal. A sur­geon laced 100 stitch­es into his thigh. The sur­gi­cal pre­ci­sion of the bite con­firmed Hans’ descrip­tion, mak­ing him the only per­son to ever be attacked by a killer whale in the wild.