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Colum­bia Sports­wear: The per­fect shoes don’t just help you explore, they actu­al­ly moti­vate you to get out­doors. Trans­form your feet into trail-tear­ing machines with the shoes and boots fea­tured in this collection.

Fjäll­räven: Swedish for ‘arc­tic fox,’ Fjäll­räven cre­ates sleek out­door appar­el that’s tough, and made for the moun­tains of north­ern Swe­den. View this col­lec­tion of down jack­ets, flan­nels, and more here.

Orca: Like its name­sake, Orca sports­wear rep­re­sents stream­lined design and unpar­al­leled strength. Cut through land and water with this col­lec­tion of Men’s and Women’s com­pres­sion race wear.

Enervit: Throw­ing back a pack­et of Enervit is like pulling into the gas sta­tion and say­ing “Fill ‘er up. Ultra.” This col­lec­tion of race-spe­cif­ic for­mu­las come in gels, pow­dered drinks, and jellies. 

Camp Any­where: When your camp­ing plans range from build­ing a drift­wood shel­ter to cook­ing s’mores on a star-swept mesa, you need a vari­ety of gear. These tents, sleep­ing bags, and more will let you camp anywhere. 

Snow­board Mag­a­zine: You’ve got a skate ramp, a bal­ance board, and you’re up to 12 min­utes on the wall sits. Add a year’s sub­scrip­tion to Snow­board Mag­a­zine to the list of prepa­ra­tions you’re doing for shred­ding this season.



The Dead­ly Protest: Did you know? On Octo­ber 23rd (that’s today), 1999, BASE jumper and stunt­woman Jan Davis died while mak­ing an ille­gal protest jump in sup­port of lift­ing the Nation­al Park Service’s ban on BASE jump­ing. Mrs. Davis was the fourth of five jumpers to leap from the 3,200-foot gran­ite face of El Cap­i­tan in Yosemite Nation­al Park. The tragedy high­light­ed the con­tro­ver­sy that sur­rounds BASE jump­ing in Nation­al Parks.