In this beau­ti­ful short film, award-win­ning film­mak­er Pete McBride teamed up with O.A.R.S. to take us down the lit­tle known, but local­ly famous Navua Riv­er in Fiji. It’s been called the “Trop­i­cal Grand Canyon” for it flows through the jun­gle of the Cen­tral High­lands of Fiji and cuts a nar­row, yet deep gorge down the East­ern slope of Mount Gor­don. Water­falls cas­cade over the vol­canic canyon walls and jun­gle ferns take hold wher­ev­er soil holds.

Apart from the stun­ning scenery of the jun­gle riv­er, McBride’s sto­ry focus­es on how O.A.R.S. teamed up with locals to con­vince them that the long-term ben­e­fits of tourism and recre­ation out­weighed the short-term ben­e­fits of resource extrac­tion. The result is a mod­el for eco-tourism around the world.

Watch this incred­i­ble homage to a riv­er, and learn how a small group of peo­ple can pro­tect a land they love.

Pro surfer Aamion Goodwin’s child­hood was straight out of The Jun­gle Book. He trav­eled around the South Pacif­ic fol­low­ing his father from New Zealand to remote islands in Fiji and back.

By age sev­en Aamion could live com­plete­ly off the land. He could make his own spears to hunt and fish. He knew how to col­lect fruits, climb coconut trees, col­lect the nuts, and crack them open with a machete.

The expo­sure to a vari­ety of dif­fer­ent land­scapes and peo­ple at a young age had such a pow­er­ful impact that Aamion want­ed his chil­dren to have a sim­i­lar experience.

The Good­win Project is just that experience.

Aamion and his wife Daize, both pro surfers, packed up their chil­dren and a film crew and trav­eled to 18 dif­fer­ent coun­tries to edu­cate their chil­dren and dis­cov­er what’s most valu­able in their lives.

Check out the stun­ning cin­e­matog­ra­phy in the inspi­ra­tional trail­er for the upcom­ing film, The Good­win Project.