If you’ve ever run down a moun­tain­side and felt the joy that comes from think­ing of noth­ing else but the task-at-foot then you’ll appre­ci­ate this video. The beau­ti­ful cin­e­matog­ra­phy cap­tures South African ultra-run­ner Ryan Sandes as he attempts to run the Fish Riv­er Canyon rim-to-rim in the fastest time possible.

Fish Riv­er Canyon is a near­ly 2,000-foot deep canyon that’s over 100 miles long in south­ern Namib­ia. After the Grand Canyon in Ari­zona, it’s the largest canyon in the world. Sandes attempts a rim-to-rim run in this video for no rea­son besides want­i­ng to test the lim­its of what he can do, and the results are stunning.

He com­pletes the self-sup­port­ed 52-mile run in the amaz­ing time of 6 hours and 57 min­utes, but even more than the record he set this is an inspi­ra­tional jour­ney of over­com­ing fail­ure, accept­ing phys­i­cal lim­its, and doing every­thing a per­son can to push the bound­aries of what is con­sid­ered pos­si­ble. And if you get noth­ing else from this video, at least Sandes has a cool South African accent.