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Arbor: Uncom­pro­mis­ing in its approach to sus­tain­abil­i­ty and design, Arbor uses eco-friend­ly mate­ri­als like bam­boo to pro­duce appar­el that’ll make you feel and look great. Fea­tur­ing jack­ets, tees, shorts, and more.

Five Ten: Five Ten footwear uti­lizes rev­o­lu­tion­ary high-fric­tion rub­ber tech­nol­o­gy that enables wear­ers to grip even the most slip­pery rocky sur­faces like a human fly. Jeff Gold­blum, eat your heart out.


Hyalite: Win­ner of numer­ous Back­pack­er Edi­tors’ Choice and Out­side Mag­a­zine Gear Awards, Hyalite Equip­ment spe­cial­izes in seam-weld­ing tech­nolo­gies for dry bags, sleep­ing pads, pan­niers, and more.


Sug­oi: Sug­oi designs gear that helps ded­i­cat­ed ath­letes push the bound­aries of per­son­al per­for­mance. This col­lec­tion includes jack­ets, jer­seys, bib shorts, and more by the respect­ed brand.

2XU: Race with con­fi­dence in per­for­mance appar­el worn by world cham­pi­ons and endorsed by sports insti­tu­tions the world over. Today’s col­lec­tion includes run­ning tops, shorts, and more.


2XU Wet­suits: 2XU pre­mi­um wet­suits offer opti­mal bal­ance between buoy­an­cy and flex­i­bil­i­ty, giv­ing demand­ing triath­letes the edge they need when it’s time to get wet. Find the style for you here. 

La Sporti­va: Born at the foot of the mighty Ital­ian Dolomites, La Sporti­va has been build­ing tech­ni­cal out­door footwear for hard­core moun­tain devo­tees since 1928. Fea­tur­ing trail run­ning and rock shoes.

STILL AVAILABLE: Lib­er­ty Bot­tle­works, MHM, Lite­speed, Yog­a­Rat, Shred Ready, Appar­el, & More


Ore­gon’s Crown Jew­el: Did you know? On Octo­ber 29th (that’s today!), 1792, Lt. William Broughton, a mem­ber of Cap­tain George Van­cou­ver’s dis­cov­ery expe­di­tion that explored and chart­ed the Pacif­ic North­west coast range, coined the name for Ore­gon’s tallest peak, Mt. Hood. He named it after a man he admired, the British Admi­ral, Samuel Hood. The moun­tain is a promi­nent land­mark, vis­i­ble up to a hun­dred miles away. Many Clymb employ­ees shred Hoods slopes, hike its val­leys, and climb to its peak each year so we’re hap­py to give it a lit­tle shout-out today.


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Fresh on the menu today:



KAVU: You’re all alone, star­ing at your reflec­tion in a qui­et back­coun­try lake, when inspi­ra­tion hits. You take a lung­ful of moun­tain air then jump in, per­form­ing a per­fect can­non­ball that shat­ters the calm. Con­grat­u­la­tions. You just expe­ri­enced KAVU. We’ve got a great selec­tion of KAVU Men’s and Women’s lifestyle appar­el for mem­ber-exclu­sive pric­ing: fleeces, hats, pants, dress­es, and a whole lot more. Don’t miss out!



Five Ten:  After fin­ish­ing his MBA, Five Ten founder Charles Cole went to the last place any­one thought he could use it—Yosemite. While climb­ing there, he saw the need for high-fric­tion rub­ber in climb­ing and walk­ing shoes. He invent­ed it and Five Ten was born. Now they’ve rolled out a com­plete line of shoes to stick your tricks on bikes, boards, or while freestyle walking.



Kom­perdell: Life is about bal­ance, and since 1922 the Aus­tri­an-based Kom­perdell has been keep­ing folks sta­ble with their light­weight trekking and tour­ing poles. Their inno­v­a­tive designs have won numer­ous awards includ­ing the ISPO Award for prod­uct of the year. Find your bal­ance in this col­lec­tion here.



Roy­al Rac­ing: Found­ed by British rid­ing leg­end Steve Pete, Roy­al Rac­ing devel­ops appar­el that sets the stan­dard in down­hill, freeride, and trail rid­ing. Offer­ing every­thing from roomy tech­ni­cal jer­seys designed to accom­mo­date body armor, to com­fort­able, sup­port­ive, bombproof shorts and MTB-spe­cif­ic gloves, Roy­al Rac­ing is like three hun­dred cups o’ badass tea for your soul.


Body Up: True beau­ty is not sta­t­ic; it’s dynam­ic, and Body Up cre­ates fash­ion-mind­ed fit­ness appar­el to sup­port women who pur­sue the active life. All of their gar­ments are designed in Italy and man­u­fac­tured in the U.S.A. using pre­mi­um fab­rics. Shop these sports bras, tanks, and tops at mem­ber-exclu­sive pricing.



Yog­a­Rat: Found­ed in sun­ny Cal­i­for­nia in 2008, Yog­a­Rat believes that pre­mi­um prod­ucts shouldn’t break the bank. Bal­anc­ing qual­i­ty, afford­abil­i­ty, and sus­tain­abil­i­ty into each of their prod­ucts, Yog­a­Rat helps to keep your chakras aligned and your fin­gers point­ed sky­ward. This col­lec­tion fea­tures mats, tow­els, and blocks.



Rus­si: Rus­si is based in Boul­der, Col­orado, a town that com­petes for the low­est body-fat per capi­ta ratio in the nation. The rea­son? The folks there take the out­doors seri­ous­ly. So does Rus­si. They focus on design­ing stream­lined bags that are a per­fect fit for the MBA stu­dent who needs to take her text­books on a week­end trip to the moun­tains. The bags in this col­lec­tion will do the trick.




The Fastest Kid: Did you know?

On August 26th (that’s today!), 1973, run­ning phe­nom Mary Etta Boi­tana beat 1,500 run­ners to win California’s his­toric Dipsea Race. She was ten years old. Being a young­ster, she had a 25-minute head start, but the course is a rig­or­ous series of obsta­cles. The 7.5‑mile race climbs 688 stairs up the side of Mt. Tamal­pais then plunges through Muir Woods to the Pacif­ic Ocean at Stin­son Beach on numer­ous sin­gle­track trails. The maze of alter­nate trails makes race strat­e­gy impor­tant, and that’s what con­tributed to Boitana’s win. At age five she won the women’s title, mak­ing her a savvy 5‑year vet­er­an by the time she won it all at age ten.







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Fresh on the menu today:


Teva: Teva works with non­prof­it con­ser­va­tion orga­ni­za­tions to help keep the world’s liq­uid play­grounds clean. For every pair of Teva shoes sold, the com­pa­ny pro­tects a lin­ear foot of glob­al water­ways in rivers, lakes, and oceans. In 2012, the com­pa­ny will stew­ard some­thing in the neigh­bor­hood of 4.4 mil­lion lin­ear feet. Sup­port a great com­pa­ny and a great cause with Men’s and Women’s Teva footwear, avail­able now at The Clymb for mem­ber-exclu­sive pric­ing! 


Rock Ready: Your fore­arms are pumped. Your leg is doing the Elvis shake. Browse this col­lec­tion of climb­ing gear from top brands, like Five Ten, Rev­o­lu­tion, Pri­mo, and oth­ers before you take that scream­er. Today’s col­lec­tion fea­tures climb­ing shoes, crash pads, chalk, chalk bags, and a whole lot more!


Bam­boo Bot­tle Com­pa­ny: Bam­boo Bot­tle Com­pa­ny designs durable, insu­lat­ed, BPA-free bot­tles with a sleek bam­boo exte­ri­or. The eas­i­ly remov­able, dish­wash­er-safe, glass inte­ri­or is made from com­plete­ly nat­ur­al sub­stances and able to with­stand active out­door lifestyles. Warn­ing: Not Pan­da Proof.


Bergans of Nor­way: Bergans of Nor­way is a name to trust. Since 1934, they have designed prod­ucts that rev­o­lu­tion­ize expe­di­tions. Their founder, Ole F. Bergans, invent­ed the first exter­nal frame ruck­sack. They’ve applied that inno­v­a­tive spir­it to their appar­el, canoes, tents, sleep­ing bags, and more. Today’s col­lec­tion fea­tures Men’s and Women’s down jackets.


Fal­con Guides: That dog-eared Fal­con Guide in your pack is more than a book; it’s a friend. It’s saved your butt more times than you care to admit. Since 1979, the author­i­ta­tive pub­lish­er has print­ed over 700 titles cov­er­ing the entire spec­trum of activ­i­ties in Amer­i­ca’s wilder­ness gems. Get the low-down on a new locale now!


Optic Nerve: The days of awe­some East­wood glares are gone. With a pair of polar­ized lens­es from Optic Nerve, you can watch with­out squint­ing as your friends pull good, bad, and ugly tricks on snow or water. The polar­ized lens­es block 99.9% of harm­ful UV rays.  So go ahead, stare at the world with­out the glare.



Bal­loon Over the Alps: Did you know?

On August 21 (that’s today!), 1972, Don Cameron and Mark Yarry became the first peo­ple to fly a hot air bal­loon over the Alps. The pair launched from Zer­matt, Switzer­land, and pilot­ed their bal­loon, the Cumu­lo Nim­bus, to 17,798ft over some of the high­est peaks in the Alps, includ­ing Monte Rosa and the Mat­ter­horn. Their voy­age end­ed 36 miles away in the small, pas­toral town of Biel­la, Italy, where thou­sands of res­i­dents swarmed to con­grat­u­late the bal­loon­ists on their accomplishment.

The GoPro Bomb Squad, the Five Ten BASE and wing­suit team made up of Neil Amon­son, Mar­shall Miller, Jesse Hall, and JT Holmes, recent­ly shared the video above.  In it, the fly boys take to the skies, push­ing the bound­aries of human flight. Their adren­a­line-fueled excite­ment is con­ta­gious, and we thought the video is a pret­ty sweet way to kick off the week­end. Enjoy!

[Via: GoPro Bomb Squad]

Howler Broth­ers


Mem­bers, click through for insid­er pric­ing on dai­ly deals!

Fresh on the menu today:

Five Ten: After fin­ish­ing his MBA, Five Ten founder Charles Cole went to the last place any­one thought he could use it—Yosemite. After a slip while descend­ing El Cap, he decid­ed that climbers should have high-fric­tion rub­ber in all of their shoes. Tap­ping his engi­neer­ing back­ground, Cole invent­ed a rev­o­lu­tion­ary new rub­ber for­mu­la. His con­coc­tion result­ed in a rub­ber that fea­tured more fric­tion and dura­bil­i­ty than any­thing climbers had ever expe­ri­enced. Five Ten was born. Approach and climb with con­fi­dence today with Men’s and Wom­en’s Five Ten footwear, avail­able now at The Clymb for mem­ber-exclu­sive pricing.

Howler Broth­ers: The founders of Howler Broth­ers aren’t broth­ers. And they don’t howl. The name pays trib­ute to the howler mon­keys that kept them up while in Cos­ta Rica on surf trips. After a while, the star­tling howls became a part of the part­ners’ col­lec­tive feel­ing of being in Cen­tral Amer­i­ca and served as a con­stant reminder that they were in a good place, doing some­thing they loved. With this emo­tion­al con­nec­tion as a base line, they formed Howler Broth­ers to craft lim­it­ed run, high qual­i­ty cloth­ing and goods that draw inspi­ra­tion from the style and tra­di­tion of surf­ing and coastal sports. Click through now to check out this col­lec­tion of design-dri­ven prod­ucts with uncom­pro­mis­ing style.

Fall­en Footwear: Fall­en shoes were built for one sim­ple thing: skate­board­ing. A prod­uct of the streets and skate com­mu­ni­ties across the world, Fall­en has quick­ly become the shoe of choice for real skaters, the kids and pros that are pound­ing the pave­ment every day just to expand their bags of tricks. Found­ed by pro skater Jamie Thomas in 2003, Fall­en Footwear has quick­ly become one of the most respect­ed skate brands in the indus­try. Designed, test­ed, and destroyed by their team to ensure qual­i­ty and dura­bil­i­ty, Fall­en footwear is known for cre­at­ing shoes that have the looks, but they are, above all else, com­plete­ly skate­able. And with a team of rid­ers like Jamie Thomas, Chris Cole, Bil­ly Marks, Josh Har­mo­ny, Tom­my San­doval, Tony Cer­vantes, James Hardy, and Bri­an Hansen, you’d expect noth­ing else. They’re the movers and shak­ers that are inspir­ing the up-and-com­ers, each leav­ing their mark on the indus­try with their bold and inno­v­a­tive style as well as their sig­na­ture Fall­en shoes. Click through now!

Haul it All: Bags and Lug­gage: Adven­ture is out there, at least that much we know. Which is why a great man wrote, “Oh, the places you’ll go!” He said things in rhyme—at least most of the time—about things like green eggs and the Grinch. But what he didn’t con­sid­er and you know so much bet­ter is that trav­el is nev­er a sinch. Because cats that where hats don’t have this or have that, so don’t deal with trav­el-based lags. But it brings you great cheer to bring your own favorite gear, which is why you need lug­gage and bags.


Shut that Mon­key Up: Did you know? The founders of Howler Broth­ers aren’t broth­ers. And they don’t howl. The name pays trib­ute to the howler mon­keys that kept them up while in Cos­ta Rica on surf trips. After a while, the star­tling howls became a part of the part­ners’ col­lec­tive feel­ing of being in Cen­tral Amer­i­ca and served as a con­stant reminder that they were in a good place, doing some­thing they loved. But not every­body is tick­led by nos­tal­gia when they think of the sound. Howler mon­keys are the loud­est ani­mals in the New World and have caused many a sleep­less night for trav­el­ers in Cen­tral Amer­i­ca. The howlers don’t emit a pierc­ing scream, as you may be think­ing. Their ‘howl’ is more of a low bel­low that’s so loud it can be heard for up to three miles through dense jun­gle. Instead of sip­ping cof­fee, male howler mon­keys kick every morn­ing off with some of this throaty bel­low­ing in order to estab­lish ter­ri­to­ry and get a sense of where their poten­tial com­peti­tors are. They do it again in the evenings. Also, they have beards and long black hair, mean­ing that when they howl, the jun­gle essen­tial­ly comes alive with the sounds of a lot of real­ly loud hip­pies. Speak­ing of hip­pies, it’s Fri­day the 13th. If you see any­one with a hock­ey mask com­ing, start howl­ing your heart out.

Cred­it: ICON Lights

Hap­py Wednes­day, Clym­bers. We’ve got a huge day planned for you, with back­packs, head­lamps, flash­lights, climb­ing equip­ment, tech­ni­cal and lifestyle footwear, wrist com­put­ers, sun­glass­es, belts, gloves, pad­dling appar­el, and more all on sale for mem­ber-exclu­sive pric­ing. It’s a heap of good­ness to get you over the mid-week hump. Pop some pop­corn and grab a drool tow­el because once you click through you won’t want to go any­where for a while.

Here’s some more about what we’ve got on the dock­et for you today:

Mam­mut: Mam­mut is named for the mighty mam­moths that roamed the Swiss coun­try­side thou­sands of years ago. The com­pa­ny can trace its own his­to­ry back to a not-so-impos­ing mom and pop rope­works oper­a­tion in a small town in Switzer­land, where, in 1862, founder Kasper Tan­ner was giv­en per­mis­sion to use the pub­lic way out­side his flat to braid and coil his own ropes. The rest, as they say, is his­to­ry. Today, the com­pa­ny is a glob­al­ly rec­og­nized leader in elite gear and appar­el for moun­taineer­ing and out­door pur­suits. Click through to get mam­moth-sized sav­ings on Mam­mut tech­ni­cal appar­el today at The Clymb.

New Bal­ance: If pres­i­den­tial can­di­dates were forced to run for high office in the lit­er­al sense (as they should be), they would want to do it wear­ing New Bal­ance run­ning shoes. With 25 per­cent of its footwear made in the Unit­ed States each year, New Bal­ance is proud of its claim to be the only com­pa­ny that still man­u­fac­tures ath­let­ic shoes right here in the good ol’ US of A. And with near­ly 75 years of expe­ri­ence in the per­for­mance run­ning shoe mar­ket, New Bal­ance would offer its can­di­dates a leg up on the com­pe­ti­tion. But great shoes alone don’t guar­an­tee a vic­to­ry lap. New Bal­ance also makes tech­ni­cal run­ning appar­el and acces­sories to max­i­mize per­for­mance. Today on The Clymb, we’re offer­ing Men’s and Women’s run­ning footwear and appar­el for mem­ber-exclu­sive pric­ing. Run for your wal­let or your fel­low Amer­i­cans will beat you to this one.

Five Ten: After fin­ish­ing his MBA, Five Ten founder Charles Cole went to the last place any­one thought he could use it—Yosemite. After a slip while descend­ing El Cap, he decid­ed that climbers should have high-fric­tion rub­ber in all of their shoes. Tap­ping his engi­neer­ing back­ground, Cole invent­ed a rev­o­lu­tion­ary new rub­ber for­mu­la with increased fric­tion and dura­bil­i­ty than any­thing climbers had ever expe­ri­enced. Five Ten was born. Approach and climb with con­fi­dence today with Men’s and Wom­en’s Five Ten footwear, avail­able now at The Clymb for mem­ber-exclu­sive pricing.

ICON: ICON lights are cre­at­ed from a deep, simul­ta­ne­ous obses­sion with design and tech­nol­o­gy. Every ele­ment must opti­mize per­for­mance or it does­n’t make the cut. Expe­ri­ence the bril­liance of a ground­break­ing brand with ICON lights, now avail­able at The Clymb for mem­ber-exclu­sive pricing.

Men’s & Wom­en’s Cushe: Slip­ping your foot into a Cushe (pro­nounced, “cushy”) is trans­for­ma­tive in the same way get­ting into a bathrobe can be trans­for­ma­tive: once it’s on, all your trou­bles seem to melt into the back­ground of com­fort. Cush­es con­form to the foot’s nat­ur­al shape, which max­i­mizes not only com­fort but also pro­tec­tion and sta­bil­i­ty. Don’t miss out! Today on The Clymb we’re offer­ing Men’s and Women’s Cushe footwear for mem­ber-exclu­sive pricing.

Run­ning Acces­sories: Train to run like you did before you dis­cov­ered beer with wrist com­put­ers, head­lamps, sun­glass­es, belts, gloves, head­bands, socks, and more from top brands. Act now to get mem­ber-exclu­sive pric­ing on everything.

Immer­sion Research: Fam­i­ly owned and oper­at­ed in Con­flu­ence, PA since 1997, Immer­sion Research designs and pro­duces high-end tech­ni­cal pad­dling gear, acces­sories, and appar­el for seri­ous kayak­ers. Ukulele-play­ing kayak bum John Weld and his wife, Kara, an 8‑year mem­ber of the U.S. canoe kayak team, start­ed the com­pa­ny in their base­ment with a sewing machine, which they at first used only to pro­duce board shorts for friends. The com­pa­ny still makes shorts but it’s added lay­er­ing, dry tops, pad­dling acces­sories, and more to its line. Pull up a stool at an epic mom and pop din­er with only pad­dling on the menu with Men’s and Wom­en’s Immer­sion Research dry­tops and appar­el, on sale now for mem­ber-exclu­sive pricing.

There’s Still Time! Don’t Miss: SIGMA SPORT, Lib­er­ty Bot­tle­works, Rise Bar, Gar­mont, Lone­ly Plan­et, & Man­hat­tan Portage.


Nean­derthal, Y’all: Did you know? If you’re look­ing for an excuse to throw a par­ty, today is Nation­al DNA Day. The hol­i­day com­mem­o­rates this day in 1953, when Fran­cis Crick, James Wat­son, and col­leagues includ­ing Ros­alind Franklin and Mau­rice Wilkins pub­lished a paper on the struc­ture of DNA in the sci­en­tif­ic jour­nal, Nature. You prob­a­bly learned a thing or two about the dou­ble helix in school. And you may have even heard about the clone Russ­ian researchers are cur­rent­ly hop­ing to bring to life using DNA from a frozen mam­moth. If they suc­ceed, you may have the desire to hunt it. That’s only nor­mal. Accord­ing to recent stud­ies, humans have at least 1–4% Nean­derthal DNA. So grab a stick and go club­bin’ for Nation­al DNA day—it’s the nat­ur­al thing to do.

Ear­li­er this week we asked our Face­book fans which was the one human-pow­ered adven­ture they were most look­ing for­ward to in 2012. We received many great respons­es and noticed that a lot involved climbing.

“Epic climb­ing in Col­orado and climb­ing Mt. Whit­ney this summer!”

“Climb­ing Mt Hood!”

“5 days in the whites, climb­ing 12 peaks with my ven­ture crew in the sum­mer. From Mt. Web­ster all the way to Wash­ing­ton and then up to Madison. “

“Climb­ing the Grand Teton!”

We couldn’t resist the chance to get you Rock Ready with some of the best climb­ing gear and appar­el avail­able. This Saturday’s climb­ing event fea­tures Ster­ling Rope, Five Ten, Evolv, ClimbX, and more. Shop now!

You can shop this and all our events with lim­it­ed time $4.98 flat ship­ping or add a The Clymb t‑shirt to your order so that the whole order ships for free.

Also Fea­tured This Week:

ELECTRIC Eye­wear, Appar­el, and Acces­sories, Plus SUUNTO For Women

Patag­o­nia, Optic Nerve, Men’s Out­er­wear, & Alpine Mentors

Get Out­side All Year Long With Merrell

There were many amaz­ing ascents in 2011; it’s a won­der Out­side Mag­a­zine man­aged to nar­row them down to just ten. But take on that unen­vi­able task they did, and with much suc­cess man­aged to pick ten sto­ries that encap­su­late the dis­ci­pline and spir­it of climb­ing. From a nine-year-old girl who tore though Hue­co Tanks, Texas to Adam Ondra whose most out­stand­ing sends last year includ­ed two V16s… in two months.

We want you to be rock­ready for 2012 which is why we’re fea­tur­ing climb­ing gear from brands like Evolv, Five Ten, Push­er, and more, plus sum­mit tools like nav­i­ga­tion­al watch­es, pedome­ters, and com­pass­es from HIGHGEAR.

North Pole. South Pole. Mt. Ever­est in One Year. Extreme adven­ture seek­ers are sure­ly wired dif­fer­ent­ly than most. See how HIGH­GEAR’s Eric Larsen plans to save the poles:

Also Fea­tured This Week:

Cau­tion: The Stoke Warn­ing is in Full Effect with VonZip­per and Philips|O’Neill

pho­to cred­its: Denali, Kil­i­man­jaro, Elbrus, Aconcagua, Ever­est

It’s time to reach new heights this sum­mer. Whether you’re an excit­ed new­bie or an expe­ri­enced vet­er­an, we’ve got climb­ing gear and shoes — from chalk bags to crash pads — that will help you get high­er than ever before. At up to 50% off, mem­bers of The Clymb can stock up on Climb X, Rev­o­lu­tion, Push­er, and Five Ten. For those about to ROCK, click here.

Also at up to 50% off, Salo­man socks and shoes: socks made from the most durable fibers with anti-blis­ter­ing wick­ing and pro­vid­ing max­i­mum ven­ti­la­tion and top-of-the-line shoes and boots made for all day pro­tec­tion and com­fort. Shop our Salomon event here.

For ques­tions about these and oth­er events, or to snatch up an invite, stop by our Face­book and Twit­ter pages. We’ll be shar­ing some excit­ing info on an upcom­ing event over the next few days and you won’t want to miss it. Have a great weekend!

Just read­ing the his­to­ry behind Oiselle (pro­nounced wa-zell), you can’t help but be inspired. Its founder, Sal­ly Berge­sen saw a need with­in a sport she loved and from that a new brand of wom­en’s run­ning appar­el was born, but more than that: a new kind of company.

We hope you’ll wel­come Oiselle to The Clymb by shop­ping their run­ning appar­el that’s breath­able, styl­ish, and as light­weight as that feel­ing you get when you’re run­ning. Mem­bers can shop our up to 70% off Oiselle event now.

We also have a Five Ten event fea­tur­ing climb­ing shoes for men and women includ­ing the Men’s Project shoe whose ground-break­ing tech­nol­o­gy allows you to use your feet like hands. And the Wom­en’s Siren, a light­weight lace-up unique for it’s out-of-the-box com­fort and amaz­ing fit. Five Ten is avail­able in a three-day event at exclu­sive mem­ber pric­ing. You can shop their event here.

Final­ly, also at exclu­sive mem­ber pric­ing, Drift Inno­va­tion’s HD170 Stealth Cam­era, a hel­met cam­era durable enough to catch all of your out­door and extreme sports activ­i­ties in won­der­ful hi-def­i­n­i­tion.  Shop for the Stealth Cam­era here.

Check out the HD170 in action dur­ing New Zealand’s Hang Glid­ing Nationals.


In order to shop these three hot events, you need a mem­ber­ship. I can extend an invite via Face­book or Twit­ter.

Good Morn­ing!

Five Ten approach and climb­ing shoes fea­ture Stealth rub­ber soles that actu­al­ly stick bet­ter to rock, mak­ing it pos­si­ble for climbers to ascent to pre­vi­ous­ly unat­tain­able heights. Mem­bers of The Clymb will receive up to 50% off an impres­sive col­lec­tion of Five Ten shoes for men and women — shoes that pro­vide unique com­fort, dura­bil­i­ty, and high performance.

And the last time we part­nered with Siege Audio it was a resound­ing suc­cess. So much so that our mem­bers were pret­ty vocal about get­ting their hands on more of their authen­tic head­phones and ear­buds. We aim to please, son. You will not be fak­ing funk with SIEGE. Check it out at up to 50% off.

Exclu­sive to this 3‑day event we’re offer­ing low ship­ping of just $7.98 on all orders. Also exclu­sive to this event? You. As always, these deals are for mem­bers only, but we’re pret­ty gen­er­ous with the invites. If you need one, just stop by and vis­it us on Twit­ter or Face­book.