We imag­ine this is what it’s like to wit­ness a sleep­ing giant ris­ing from his slum­ber. You’re fas­ci­nat­ed, intim­i­dat­ed, and then you just wan­na get the hell out of the way. Tourists vis­it­ing the Upsala Glac­i­er in Argenti­na’s Los Glacia­res Nation­al Park got an unex­pect­ed treat as the ice­berg decid­ed it would be more com­fort­able in a dif­fer­ent posi­tion and flipped.completely.over.

Ice­bergs shift­ing due to melt­ing and reshap­ing is noth­ing new, but to cap­ture it on video is pret­ty amaz­ing. Talk about a once in a life­time vaca­tion experience.

[Via: Exam­in­er]