©istockphoto/BraunSIf you’ve stepped out­side late­ly (or just turned on the news) you know that most of North Amer­i­ca is right in the mid­dle of win­ter. And, while win­ter sports enthu­si­asts are rejoic­ing at the chance to cut new lines in all the fluff, the more sum­mer inclined among us are retreat­ing indoors.

But, not to wor­ry, there’s plen­ty of adven­ture to be had from the couch, the garage or in front of the fire. So, if you’re look­ing to get your adven­ture fix from the safe­ty and warmth of the great indoors, here are some things you can do.

Stream some adven­ture flicks
Kick back and “Net­flix and Chill,” as the kids are sayin’ these days. Because when it comes to adven­ture cin­e­ma, there’s no short­age of great films to keep you engaged and enthralled. For the doc­u­men­tary-enthu­si­asts out there, check out “Touch­ing the Void” an incred­i­ble sto­ry of sur­vival against extreme con­di­tions or watch “Desert Run­ners” for a glimpse into the jour­ney of three run­ners attempt­ing a series of three sep­a­rate ultra­ma­rathons in three dif­fer­ent desserts. Of course, for those of you look­ing for a lit­tle more fan­ta­sy with your adven­ture, check out (or more like­ly re-check out) everyone’s favorite moun­tain thriller “Ver­ti­cal Limit”.

Trans­port your­self with the writ­ten word
Go ahead, live vic­ar­i­ous­ly through your favorite author and read har­row­ing tales of adven­ture, sur­vival, and man (or woman) against nature. There’s plen­ty to choose from as this genre con­tin­ues to grow in pop­u­lar­i­ty. And, whether you opt for the clas­sic Jon Krakauer, or want to explore some oth­er authors, a lit­tle men­tal escape from the con­fines of home could be just the tick­et. Some of our favorites include “Buried in The Sky” by Peter Zuck­er­man and Aman­da Padoan, “A Long Trek Home” by Erin McKit­trick, or “West by The Night” by Beryl Markham.

Take care of your gear
Checked on your gear room, that cor­ner of your garage, or the trunk of your car late­ly? If not, take advan­tage of your indoor time by sort­ing through, orga­niz­ing, and gen­er­al­ly car­ing for your gear. Trust us, that old down jack­et smells fun­ny for a rea­son and there’s no bet­ter time to rid it of that post-adven­ture funk. Be sure to opt for a deter­gent specif­i­cal­ly for­mu­lat­ed for adven­ture appar­el and give it a good scrub. Also, use this time to take inven­to­ry. Sim­pli­fy by pass­ing on gen­tly used gear to a friend or toss­ing bro­ken gear in the garbage. You’ll thank your­self when the clouds part and you’re able to quick­ly find what you need for adventuring.

Improve your skills
Tying knots, work­ing on your grip, or read­ing up on the lat­est research about your favored sport are all great ways you can spend time improv­ing your craft. The best part? You can do them all from the couch! By keep­ing items like a cordelette and a grip strength­en­er on hand, you’ll make sure to max­i­mize your time inside.

Tend to your body
You go hard all year. Trail run­ning, ski­ing, climbing—they’re all hard on the body. When was the last time you took 30 min­utes to stretch your mus­cles or give the ten­dons some atten­tion with a good foam roll? If you’re like many, it’s prob­a­bly been a while. Take some time in the cool­er temps to do some indoor stretch­ing. Or, if a solo stretch sesh isn’t your jam, head to a yoga class—studies show it reduces stress and the like­li­hood of injury by get­ting you lim­ber and ready for your next bout of adventure.