If you’ve ever want­ed to chill close up with a griz­zly — here’s your chance. Watch Drew Hamil­ton of the Alas­ka Fish & Game Depart­ment get up close and per­son­al with a mighty bru­in at the McNeil State Game Sanctuary.

You might know the McNeil Riv­er for its famous web­cam that has giv­en the world inti­mate access to the feed­ing habits of griz­zlies dur­ing the annu­al sum­mer salmon run. You can watch some great footage from the web­cam here.

The bear in this video and in the web­cam appear absolute­ly docile, but don’t let that trick you, and don’t ever try to get this close to a bear. They are calm, intel­li­gent ani­mals that have incred­i­ble strength. An encounter this close is dan­ger­ous even for a pro­fes­sion­al who knows how to read the body lan­guage of a bear, and griz­zlies are often not this com­fort­able around peo­ple. What makes this video so incred­i­ble is that it’s a tru­ly rare moment where it seems that man and bear cohab­i­tate the river­bank in appar­ent peace.

Thanks to Steve Casimiro at the Adven­ture Jour­nal for find­ing this gem.

By Tim Gib­bins