This video from The North Face team rid­ers Mike Hop­kins and Matt Miles explores new ter­rain for down­hill-moun­tain bik­ing. Using 4‑wheelers and heli­copters, the two rid­ers explore the Ben­dor Range in British Colum­bia. The routes are steep, long, raw, and con­tin­u­ous. Their runs are not a cou­ple of hun­dred feet in ver­ti­cal, but thousands.

The lines are more like back­coun­try ski­ing than any­thing else. There’s the same jump turns down nar­row chutes, carv­ing turns on open slopes, and cliff drops. There’s the same full-on com­mit­ment for each of these runs, but take a look at the line they drop at minute 6:10. It’s unlike any­thing else in the sport.

These guys aren’t just explor­ing new ter­rain. They’re explor­ing the lim­its of the sport.