Cred­it: POE

Good Mon­day to you, Clym­bers! We’re start­ing the week off right, with Pacif­ic Out­door Equip­ment, inov‑8, and a new one to us that we’re extreme­ly excit­ed about, Hes­tra. It’s rare to find Hes­tra gloves at insid­er pric­ing and we don’t expect them to last long. Act now before it’s too late!

Fresh on the menu today:

Pacif­ic Out­door Equip­ment: Pacif­ic Out­door Equip­ment (POE) is head­quar­tered in Mon­tana’s Rocky Moun­tains, where the men are tough, the women are tougher, and the Great Out­doors calls its own shots. POE respects the envi­ron­ment by design­ing gear tough enough to stand up to it. We’re excit­ed to be offer­ing a huge selec­tion of POE CAMP, BIKE, & PADDLE gear, on sale for mem­ber-exclu­sive pricing.

inov‑8: Nat­ur­al run­ning takes run­ning back to its most innate form, let­ting noth­ing alter the nat­ur­al bio­me­chan­ics of the foot and body. Designed to keep the foot close to the ground so that one can feel and adapt to the ter­rain beneath them, inov‑8 footwear pro­vides the con­fi­dence and free­dom to run hard through any envi­ron­ment and over any obsta­cle. Go nat­ur­al with your run today at The Clymb, with mem­ber-exclu­sive pric­ing on Men’s and Women’s inov‑8 run­ning shoes.

Hes­tra: In 1936, farmer Mar­tin Mag­nus­son sold leather gloves to log­gers in Hes­tra, a ski­ing vil­lage in Swe­den. Soon the skiers began ask­ing for his gloves too. His com­pa­ny, Hes­tra, is now renowned in the snows­port indus­try, pro­duc­ing some of the best gloves on the plan­et. See what the fuss is all about with mem­ber-exclu­sive pric­ing on Hes­tra Men’s and Wom­en’s gloves.

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Occu­py Beer: Did you know? On May 14 (that’s today!), 1932, over 100,000 pro­test­ers marched down the streets of New York  chant­i­ng a sin­gle, uni­fied mes­sage: “We want beer!” They car­ried signs and ban­ners that spelled out their sudsy desires with those same three sim­ple, pow­er­ful words. Suf­fer­ing the eco­nom­ic woes of the Great Depres­sion, the peo­ple were tak­ing a stand against a greater evil: Pro­hi­bi­tion. A lit­tle less than a year lat­er, the law was repealed.