Cre­ative Commons

From today’s email fac­toid: On August 3rd, 1811, broth­ers Johann-Rudolf and Hierony­mus Myer returned from the moun­tains claim­ing to have con­quered the moun­tain seen above, one of the most icon­ic peaks in the Swiss Alps. Not only would this have been the first ascent of the moun­tain but also the first ascent of any moun­tain in Switzer­land over 4,000 meters. It was an extra­or­di­nary feat that many peo­ple doubt­ed since from where they stood on the val­ley floor, they could not see the flag the broth­ers hoist­ed at the summit.

For a chance at Clymb cred­it. Name the moun­tain in the photo.