There’s a lot that could be said about this guy; his fail­ure to plan a fall, his choice of route, it could go on. But I want to draw atten­tion to some­one else in this video; the woman who went out of her way to help a com­plete stranger. Be sure to lis­ten to the sound so you can fol­low what’s happening.

There’s a lot of talk today about dan­gers of the world; unset­tling peo­ple doing unimag­in­able things. And it’s true; this a fact of the world we live in today. But it’s only one facet of our soci­ety. Because seri­ous­ly, there so many more peo­ple who are ready to help com­plete strangers. Did the folks in this video expect any­thing in return? That was prob­a­bly the last thing on their minds. Luck­i­ly in our world, there are good peo­ple who are look­ing out for each other.