This week we’re part­ner­ing with Ice­break­er to help fund The Kumari Film Project. Kumari is a remote vil­lage in Nepal, suf­fer­ing from a lack of prop­er med­ical facil­i­ties and access to edu­ca­tion. Jagat Lama, a Kumari res­i­dent with an incred­i­ble sto­ry, promised his dying father he’d help bring health and edu­ca­tion to their vil­lage. In 2006, he found­ed The Inde­pen­dent Trekking Guides Co-Oper­a­tive to pro­vide jobs with sus­tain­able wages for low­er-caste residents.

For every Ice­break­er order dur­ing our 3‑day event, The Clymb and Ice­break­er will donate $6 to ben­e­fit Jagat Lama’s vil­lage, Kumari.

But that’s just one way to help. When a region requires so much, know­ing where to start can be over­whelm­ing. Giv­en only one choice, where do you think your time and efforts would be most ben­e­fi­cial in Kumari? Med­ical, Edu­ca­tion, or Road, Water, and Earth Removal? Read about the projects here and here.

Then tell us which area and why and we’ll make a $50 dona­tion in your name to ben­e­fit the Nepali vil­lage of Kumari. We’ll choose a win­ner tomor­row, 9/25, at 8am PST.

Mem­bers, click through for exclu­sive pric­ing on dai­ly deals. On the menu today:






Ice­break­er: New Zealand sheep have lay­ers of wool that keep them warm and dry when squalls blow in from the South Pacif­ic. Don’t envy the sheep. Join them with the base lay­ers fea­tured in this collection.







Fjällräven: Swedish for ‘arc­tic fox,’ Fjäll­räven cre­ates sleek-look­ing tech­ni­cal out­door appar­el that’s tough, made for the moun­tains and tun­dra of north­ern Sweden.







Amplid: The Alps upper­cut the sky. When you’re scream­ing down their steep­est pitch, the Amplid skis and hel­mets fea­tured in this col­lec­tion let you hit back. Give ‘em all you got with this Swiss champion. 







Jet­ty: Run­ning from an incom­ing wave is a time-hon­ored tra­di­tion. Cel­e­brat­ing the spir­it of the coast, the shorts, tees, and board­shorts fea­tured in this col­lec­tion will help you out­race the sea in style.



Hep­tathlon Hero: Did you know?

On Sep­tem­ber 24th (that’s today!), 1988, while com­pet­ing in the Seoul Olympic Games, Jack­ie Joyn­er-Kersee set the women’s record for hep­tathlon. The sev­en com­pe­ti­tions with­in the event include: 100m hur­dles, high jump, shot put, 200m dash, long jump, javelin throw, and 800m run. Joyn­er-Kersee is only one of three women to ever earn over 7,000 points, and her mark of 7,291 remains the high­est score of all time. And, she accom­plished all her feats with­out the use of per­for­mance-enhanc­ing drugs.


Cred­it: EcoIndexBeta.Org

With the great out­doors as its play­ground, it’s no won­der the out­door indus­try con­tin­ues to lead the way in prac­tic­ing cor­po­rate envi­ron­men­tal sus­tain­abil­i­ty, and their impres­sive efforts have not gone unno­ticed. Last week, The White House hon­ored the Out­door Indus­try Asso­ci­a­tion with the Cham­pi­ons of Change award, rec­og­niz­ing the association’s Sus­tain­abil­i­ty Work­ing Group and the group’s devel­op­ment of the Eco Index.

The Eco Index is an open-source, web-based soft­ware tool which allows prod­uct design­ers in the out­door indus­try to input and eval­u­ate source mate­ri­als that reduce the envi­ron­men­tal impact of their prod­ucts. A few of our brand part­ners and Port­land neigh­bors includ­ing Ice­break­er, KEEN, Colum­bia, and Adi­das have been ear­ly adopters of the soft­ware. The pilot pro­gram of the Eco Index evolved to become appar­el spe­cif­ic with assess­ments for footwear and equip­ment in development.

What does this mean for the indus­try and its con­sumers? The pro­gram allows the design­ers to track and improve upon their prod­ucts’ envi­ron­men­tal impact con­sid­er­ing mate­r­i­al types and sourc­ing, labor prac­tices, waste, and pack­ag­ing while cre­at­ing trans­paren­cy between man­u­fac­tur­ers and sup­pli­ers. While it’s still a few years off, the goal is to pro­vide con­sumers with an eco-tag – much like nutri­tion­al facts list­ed on food prod­ucts – so that they’re more con­scious of their pur­chas­ing deci­sions and the brands they support.

While some brands already offer up trans­paren­cy in what goes into their prod­ucts (Ice­break­er pro­vides cus­tomers with a code enabling them track their meri­no wool back to the exact sheep who donat­ed it), the effects of an eco-tag would go beyond con­sumer edu­ca­tion. Out­door gear and appar­el com­pa­nies would be chal­lenged to con­sid­er the envi­ron­men­tal impact of each step of their prod­ucts’ devel­op­ment and com­peti­tors would be forced to step up their game, which is what we call a win-win for consumers.

For more infor­ma­tion on the Eco Index vis­it here.

Besides being the most ancient breed of sheep, meri­nos are also the tough­est. The New Zealand meri­no kicks it in the South­ern Alps where a reg­u­lar sheep would freeze to death. Their fleece is durable, breath­able, insu­lat­ing, soft, and light­weight. Ice­break­er has tak­en what nature cre­at­ed so per­fect­ly, mixed it with the most inno­vate tech­nol­o­gy, and pro­duced ath­let­ic cloth­ing that:

  • Is excel­lent at reg­u­lat­ing body tem­per­a­ture – meri­no wool keeps you warm with­out overheating
  • Is capa­ble of absorb­ing water, but remains warm while doing so
  • Has antibac­te­r­i­al prop­er­ties due to lanolin
  • Is one of the soft­est fab­rics on the planet

Today, we’re fea­tur­ing Ice­break­er cycling appar­el craft­ed from all-nat­ur­al New Zealand meri­no wool. Shop a selec­tion of bibs, jer­seys, and socks for men and women here.

Cred­it: Icebreaker

Also, the trust­ed orig­i­nal in cam­era pro­tec­tion is back: Lowe­pro car­ri­ers, lens cas­es, lap­top sleeves, and mem­o­ry card hold­ers are avail­able here at mem­bers-only pric­ing. And Lone­ly Plan­et trav­el guides are a must-have when your human-pow­ered adven­tures take you far from home. With near­ly 100 dif­fer­ent titles fea­tur­ing loca­tions in the Amer­i­c­as, Europe, Asia, and more, we’ve got the globe cov­ered in today’s Lone­ly Plan­et event.

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