How many times have you said to your­self “I wish”? How many aspi­ra­tions in life do you push off, telling your­self “Some­day, maybe”? Or per­haps you’re the type who waits for per­fect con­di­tions to accom­plish, to relax, and to be happy.

Writer Bren­don Leonard shares his thoughts in this video cel­e­brat­ing the joys of life. Express­ing the neces­si­ty of sim­plic­i­ty and hap­pi­ness, Leonard com­mu­ni­cates the rel­a­tive insignif­i­cance of due dates, spread sheets, and bot­tom lines; while stress­ing the impor­tance of peo­ple, rela­tion­ships, and appre­ci­a­tion for the sim­ple things.

You have 29 thou­sand days to live your life. Instead of “I wish”, would­n’t you rather say “Damn, that was awesome”?

Check out this video for some per­spec­tive on what’s real­ly important.

Writ­ten by Alec Ross